Unknown New York

An Artist Uncovers the City's Hidden Treasures

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By Jesse Richards

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An intrepid and gifted artist uncovers and illustrates more than 100 surprising, enchanting, and sometimes downright bizarre nooks and crannies that make New York such a compelling city.

It’s no surprise that New York City is the most visited destination in the U.S., and has proved itself to be an endlessly fascinating exploration ground to visitors and natives alike. Unknown New York walks readers through the vibrant, hidden, and forgotten worlds churning beneath the surface of the city. From the oldest bridge — a footbridge described as a “red sidewalk through the sky” — to a quirky and little-known Superhero Supply Store in Brooklyn to the original and abandoned Hall of Fame in the Bronx, the author takes us on a magical mystery tour through the city many people think they know.

Each entry presents a brief and compelling description of a hidden park, historical site, niche shop, etc and is accompanied by a charming four-color illustration by the author.

Divided into chapters titled Hidden History, Humble Parks, On the Street, Shopping Spree, Quiet Realms, Central Park, and Excusions, Jesse Richards reveals to us such extraordinary sites as the first Hall of Fame, a church where an attempted assassination took place in the 1800’s, a part of the Bronx that resembles Capri, the many pocket parks hidden in plain sight, the less frequented corners of Central Park, unusual shops conveying  surprising items for all ages, a waterfall tunnel in midtown, and so much more.  Also included are curated walks to lead you to several sites in an afternoon. There’s a Downtown River Walk, Neighborhood Parks Walk, Midtown Book-Lover’s Walk, and a Hidden Central Park Walk.

  • “[A] delightful and brightly illustrated debut…. readers will be charmed by the cheery, conversational entries packed with intriguing arcana (from 1897 to 1953, a “pneumatic tube mail system” stretched across Manhattan and into Brooklyn, using compressed air to push mail through subterranean tubes to the post office)."
    Publishers Weekly

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Sep 10, 2024
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240 pages

Jesse Richards

About the Author

Jesse Richards is an artist and explorer of New York City's urban landscape. For nearly 20 years, he's led one of the city's largest drawing groups, sketching in parks, museums, and hidden sites all over New York. He also volunteers with Big Apple Greeter, sharing favorite NYC neighborhoods with visitors. Jesse is Chief Product Officer at Voxy, helping make language-training solutions for businesses. He lives in New York City with his family.

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