Jekyll's Bad Mood

A Little Monsters Milestone Book


By Jen Arena

Illustrated by Betowers

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Board book


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Help your young ones learn how to manage their emotions with this delightful re-imagining of Jekyll and Hyde.

Jekyll's having a bad day–uh oh! When Jekyll and his friend, Wolfie, go to the candy store and there is only one lollipop left and Jekyll's bad mood side–Hyde–takes everyone by surprise! After a little time and some big emotions, Jekyll and his parents learn to navigate the highs and lows of big moods. Perfect for parents to share with young readers who are experiencing their own firsts, Jekyll's Bad Mood presents an early childhood milestone through a classic literary monster.


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Jul 30, 2024
Page Count
20 pages

Jen Arena

About the Author

Jen Arena has written over 50 books for kids, both fiction and nonfiction, including Marta! Big and Small, Besos for Baby and her most recent picture book, Acorn Was a Little Wild. Jen lives in Tampa, FL with her husband Darío and a very bossy black dog. 

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About the Illustrator

Betowers is an artist and animator from Spain, where she grew up surrounded by crayons and brewing potions with felt-tip ink, imagining she was a little witch. She’s worked with various magazines and publishers around the world, bringing her humor and vibrant colors to her characters to inspire the little readers who will build the future.

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