Hannah Sharpe, Cartoon Detective

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By Janet Tashjian

Illustrated by Jake Tashjian

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From the creators of the bestselling My Life series comes a colorfully illustrated mystery adventure about Hannah Sharpe, an observant young cartoonist on the autism spectrum and her cartoon alter ego in this colorfully illustrated adventure.

Young cartoonist Hannah Sharpe has many strengths: she’s curious, creative, has an amazing memory, and most important—she notices things. When Doug Williams moves into her family’s Airbnb, Hannah can’t shake the feeling that he’s got something to hide. But his girlfriend, Remy Furtado, couldn’t be nicer or more helpful. As Hannah investigates, often with her sketchbook in hand, she makes a series of unsettling discoveries involving stolen packages, changed keypad codes, and hidden stacks of cash. Can Hannah crack the case and unfold the mystery on her own?

Including full-color illustrations with panel art featuring Hannah and her cartoon alter ego, Dusty Pickle, here is a thoughtful and propulsive new book starring a neurodiverse protagonist.


  • Praise for Hannah Sharpe, Cartoon Detective:

    "An autistic 11-year-old who’s considered the class sleuth practices her investigative knack in this illustrated series starter from mother-son duo the Tashjians (the My Life series)…. Hannah’s openhearted voice adds myriad details about her neurodivergent experience (drawn, per an author’s note, from Jake Tashjian’s own life), while comics interstitials—both Dusty Pickle episodes and interpersonal experiences—add humor to the straightforward narrative."—Publishers Weekly
  • "Hannah Sharpe is courageous, smart, talented, and funny as she navigates the complexities of the mystery at hand, as well as her life on the autism spectrum. Bravo to Janet and Jake Tashjian for making Hannah Sharpe a role model not just for the neurodiverse but for neurotypicals, too."

    Ethan Long, award-winning creator of Scribbles and Ink; Up, Tall and High; and The Death and Life of Benny Brooks
  • Praise for the My Life series:

    * "Give this to kids who think they don’t like reading. It might change their minds."—Booklist, starred review on My Life as a Book
  • * "A kinder, gentler Wimpy Kid with all the fun and more plot."—Kirkus Reviews, starred review on My Life as a Book

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Sep 19, 2023
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