Herbs Demystified

A Scientist Explains How the Most Common Herbal Remedies Really Work


By Holly Phaneuf, PhD

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The scores of books on herbs already available generally restate old, often outdated lore about herbs. Now, Herbs Demystified does something entirely different: It is the first book to explain exactly what herbs actually do inside our bodies and how they achieve their effects. Biochemist Holly Phaneuf covers 100 of the most popular herbs-astragalus, black cohosh, chamomile, echinacea, garlic, gingko, ginseng, milk thistle, pine bark extract, saw palmetto, valerian, and many others. Phaneuf’s introductory overview lays out the basic chemical principles that underlie the journey herbal molecules make in our bodies. Then, for each of the herbs, she covers its history and folklore; explains what the herb really does-its evidence of action; its good uses and not so good uses, including the forms in which it is typically available and commonly reported dosages; interesting facts and the bottom line. Like no other herb book before, Herbs Demystified allows readers to custom-fit an herb to one’s own particular concern, therefore minimizing trial and error.

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Holly Phaneuf, PhD

About the Author

Holly Phaneuf, Ph. D. (pronounced FAN-if), a biochemist, drug researcher, and teacher, received her doctorate in medicinal chemistry (the science of drug discovery and design) at the University of Utah. Her research articles have appeared in many scientific journals, she lectures on science topics at national park ranger stations, among other venues, and has been a regular guest talking about scientific topics on many radio and TV stations in Salt Lake City, where she lives.

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