Cluedle: The Case of the Dumpleton Diamond (Book 1)


By Hartigan Browne

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Can you figure out Cluedunnit? Grab a pencil and join P.I. Hartigan Browne to unravel riddles, crack codes, and catch the culprit in this fun, interactive puzzle adventure story.
Calling all sleuths! The Case of the Dumpleton Diamond is the first title in the new Cluedle series of interactive mystery books for young readers.

Dave the dog has been pup-napped, and in a village like Dumpleton, everyone’s a suspect! Do you have what it takes to sniff out clues? Or will you end up barking up the wrong tree?

The reader, under the watchful eye of Private Investigator Hartigan Browne, must tackle 50 brain-busting puzzles, each holding a clue to solving the larger mystery. Who pup-napped Dave the dog? What is so important about The Flying Goat? How did the Dumpleton Diamond go missing? And where is it now? Packed full of codes to crack, evidence to evaluate, clues to unravel, and maps to navigate, Cluedle is chockful of puzzling fun!


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Jul 30, 2024
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224 pages