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Rich White Men

What It Takes to Uproot the Old Boys' Club and Transform America

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Jun 20, 2023




With a foreword by Robin DiAngelo, author of White Fragility and Nice Racism, Rich White Men is provocative investigation and data-driven, analysis of wealth inequality and power.
It’s no secret that our country has a serious problem when it comes to wealth inequality – and systemic racism and patriarchy have only exacerbated the advantages of wealthy white men. Over the past three decades, America’s richest white men have only become richer, while those suffering in poverty have only gotten poorer. The divide may seem too great to bridge, but Rich White Men exposes the hidden and insidious ways that white male elites inherit, increase, and preserve their status—and, in this book, we get clear on how to uproot their monopoly on power.

Serial nonprofit entrepreneur Garrett Neiman’s day job is to get rich white men to donate money to good causes and organizations. In Rich White Men, Neiman brings us into corner offices of billionaires and the boardrooms of Goldman Sachs, McKinsey, Stanford, Harvard, and other enclaves of silver-spooned white men to illuminate the role of rich white men in the world and how they justify inequality. He uses the analogy of compound interest to illustrate how the advantages wealthy white men inherit give them a leg up at key moments in their lives, gilding their trajectories and shutting others out. Through this rare, insider access, readers will discover new ways to persuade the elite toward progressive solutions. A hopeful polemic, the book sheds light on dark truths about inequality and the people invested in preserving it while also providing a blueprint for how America can become an equitable democracy.

Rich White Men reveals that to realize America’s founding aspiration of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, we must recognize, dismantle, and transform our current system into one that liberates us all – including this nation’s morally and spiritually impoverished wealthy white men.

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“Rich White Men is a timely and piercing expose of how leading entrepreneurs, financiers, and philanthropists contribute to inequality and what we can do to generate more opportunity and prosperity.”—Darren Walker, President of the Ford Foundation
"One part personal journey, one part accessible examination of the operations of 'compounding unearned advantages,' Garrett Neiman's book offers engaging and illuminating insights into both the causes of persistent inequality and productive steps for change. What makes this book especially compelling is its insistence that understanding unequal economic, racial, and gender structures in contemporary America holds promise of more opportunities, freedom, meaning, and healing for every individual. Rich White Men can help everyone think anew about luck, hard work, leadership, opportunity, and repair."—Martha Minow, Professor, Harvard University
"Neiman’s book disrupts the narratives of meritocracy and deservedness that are deployed to justify extreme inequality and white dominance. A great read, chock full of insights, Rich White Men urges the privileged ultra-wealthy to humbly walk away from unearned advantage and come home to authentic community and reciprocity."—Chuck Collins, Institute for Policy Studies, author of Born on Third Base and Altar to an Erupting Sun
“I’ve never read a book as urgent and as unique as Rich White Men. In this tell-all based on years of first-hand witnessing and dozens of interviews, Neiman exposes unflinchingly and unsparingly the logic of structural inequalities in the everyday thoughts and expressions of elite white men, himself included, who believe they have earned their right to rule the rest. Never acknowledged is their unearned compound advantage, Neiman’s brilliant metaphor for compound interest that shows how small racial and gender advantages starting at birth among some white men can grow exponentially to create great wealth and power over time. And yet, the heart of this passionate and compelling book—which everyone should read—is the path Neiman charts to transform society.”—Khalil Gibran Muhammad, Professor of History, Race and Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School and author of The Condemnation of Blackness
"Rich White Men is more than a book. It’s a blueprint for revolution in a focused little package."—Melody Talcott, Member of the Working Group on International Repatriation under Honor Keeler, Cherokee Nation
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