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WHEN YOU GO LOOKING FOR TROUBLE… Avery Price is taking her life back. Fleeing her uber-rich, overbearing family, and an arranged wedding to a wealthy, cheating fiancé, she trades couture for country and makes her way to Trouble, Wyoming. Going incognito gives her the chance to try things the old Avery wouldn’t dare, like having a sizzling, no-strings affair with her sexy new boss, Noah McDermott-and discovering he’s the kind of mistake she can’t resist.

Noah didn’t become a successful business owner by letting people get the best of him. He knows Avery is running from something, and if getting the beautiful blonde into his bed is the only way to find the truth, well, he has no problem with that. Trouble is, Avery is everything he never expected: sassy, smart, and the kind of understanding woman cowboys like him don’t deserve. Can he put his pride aside and convince this city girl to settle down with him once and for all?

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"...Feel good romance ..."
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"An unexpected surprise..."
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