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Montana Proud

2-in-1 Edition with Montana Legacy and Montana Destiny

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Regular Price $9.99

Regular Price $13.99 CAD

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Aug 8, 2023

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Two Montana cowboys will steal your heart in this special 2-in-1 edition of New York Times bestselling author R.C. Ryan’s western contemporary romances Montana Legacy and Montana Destiny.

Montana Legacy
Amy Parrish was the one person who shook Jesse McCord's quiet determination, and the only one he ever let in, body and soul. Then suddenly she was gone and the oldest McCord cousin devoted his life to the family ranch. Now Amy is back, offering help to Jesse find the McCord gold. Yet Jesse's not about to give her a second chance, and he hopes his pride will protect him from her irresistible charms. But under the wide prairie skies, a dangerous, unseen enemy is fast closing in, threatening Amy and Jesse's very lives and the promise of the growing feelings between them.

Montana Destiny
Emergency medic Marilee Trainor likes her freedom and lives for trouble. But when she stumbles upon a clue to the legendary McCord gold, she's suddenly in a mysterious killer's sights–and the arms of irresistible playboy Wyatt McCord. This McCord cousin has been everywhere, yet the ranch is the only place he feels at home. Now Marilee's courage and independence make him want to protect her, win her heart, and finally settle down. Trust is the one thing Wyatt and Marilee can't easily give…but their survival and everything they cherish depends on whether they can surrender to each other.

What's Inside

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