Cookie Monsters


By Erika J. Kendrick

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A fun, fast-paced novel about friendship, family, fighting for what’s right, and standing out from the crowd while standing up for yourself. 
Twelve-year-old Brooklyn Ace is ready to take the Valentine World Scouts by storm and build her own cookie empire. She nearly won the top cookie selling spot last year and is determined to make her mom—who recently passed away—proud by coming in first this time around. With her fabulous best friends by her side, Brooklyn knows she’ll become Santa Monica’s District Cookie Queen. The crown is practically in the bag. 
Then Piper Parker arrives. 
Piper has a rich dad, a fancy hotel, and a drive to steal the cookie crown right off Brooklyn’s head. Before long, most of the seventh grade is under Piper’s spell. But Brooklyn is in it to win the biggest cookie war the school has ever seen. With the help of her cookie squad, her rockstar grandmother, her super cool therapist, and a lot of self-love and inner growth, maybe—just maybe—Brooklyn can end up a winner after all. 

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  • "A tenderhearted novel…concentrating on Brooklyn’s emotional growth, [while] the positive first-person narrative sheds light on the importance of loyal friends, mental health support, and cherishing a loved one’s memory."
    Publishers Weekly
  • "The fast pace and conversational tone that uses up-to-the-minute language will draw readers in. It shines [a spotlight] on mental health and the importance of community. An appealing read, especially for those looking to start a conversation about grief and anxiety."
    Kirkus Reviews

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Jan 17, 2023
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Erika J. Kendrick

About the Author

Erika J. Kendrick is a national speaker, mental health advocate, and former NBA cheerleader. She is a Stanford University graduate with an MBA in marketing and international business from the University of Illinois. She is the author of Squad Goals and Cookie Monsters.

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