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Balancing Act

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Nov 28, 2023

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Return to Lake in the Clouds, Colorado, with this feel-good, emotional story from New York Times bestselling author Emily March!
Genevieve Prentice is learning to let go. Now settled in Lake in the Clouds, Colorado, forging new relationships with her adult children. She’s even opening up her heart to a handsome widower, for the first time since her husband’s death. But when her estranged eldest daughter moves to Lake in the Clouds, Genevieve’s life is upended once again.
Willow Eldridge has numerous reasons to move to Lake in the Clouds. Regaining the close relationship she and her mother once shared is just one of them. But as much as she wants to explain to Genevieve why she’s pushed her away all these years, her first priority is her troubled young son. And when he forms a connection with a town resident with scars of his own, Willow can’t decide if he’s the answer to her prayers . . . or just another mistake waiting to happen.
With Genevieve’s sixtieth birthday drawing near, mother and daughter struggle to reconnect, and Genevieve worries if Willow will ever let go of her doubts and fears to become the courageous woman she’s always known her to be. But that’s the beauty of Lake in the Clouds—there, beneath its cler blue skies, anything seems possible.

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Lake in the Clouds