The leading sex and orgasm experts' popular guide, completely revised and updated‑‑and now even more inclusive!
The groundbreaking, frank, smart, fun guide to orgasm is back—fully revised, with an even broader and more inclusive approach. Sex experts Dorian Solot and Marshall Miler have crammed this edition with even more info about the big O: 
  • How to have an orgasm during penetration
  • Directions on finding your way to the G‑spot
  • Detailed advice on how to have your first orgasm
  • Advice for better oral sex
  • Tips on surfing waves of multiple orgasms (even if you usually have just one)
  • The latest research on squirting (yes, it exists!)
  • The best advances in sex toy technology
  • Tips for partners in every chapter: increase the odds for orgasmic sex
  • New and expanded content on penises, prostates, and pegging
  • Answers to your questions about vibrators, body image, porn, & online sex
After selling over 100,000 copies of I <3 Female Orgasm, the authors collaborated with Maybe Burke of the Transgender Training Institute to create the most inclusive book on sexual pleasure available today. This new edition of I <3 Orgasms is every bit as awesome—and now even better. It's for women, people with vaginas, and their partners. People who masturbate, and people who don't. People looking to orgasm, and people just looking for a pleasure boost. No shame, no secrecy—just straightforward guidance for whatever your needs when it comes to healthy sex that feels great.

What's Inside

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