Faith in the Dream

A Call to the Nation to Reclaim American Values


By Deval Patrick

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“The American Dream is founded on the ideals of equality, opportunity, and fair play. These are moral reference points for Americans, matters of conscience. History has shown us time and again that these ideals are motivating. My own life, and the lives of millions of Americans through generations, has demonstrated their power. We need to stop confining our ideals to national holidays and static monuments, and bring them back into our conversations and our politics. We need to let them lead us to the right choices and away from the wrong ones. This is the essence of patriotism. As we decide what kind of country we want to live in, it is time for America’s true patriots, by whatever political label, to shape the fate of the nation.”Faith in the Dream is a short but powerful eBook and a call to action by one of the nation’s most inspirational public figures, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick. Our country is at a critical crossroads and Americans of all political persuasions sense that something significant is at stake. In this first-of-its-kind eBook, designed to launch a nationwide online conversation, Governor Patrick shows how and why the American Dream itself–the ability of future generations to inherit a country and a life better, more prosperous, and more progressive than that of their forbears–is today very much up for grabs, and what we must all do to restore it. The challenges are daunting, but we cannot sink into anger, defeat, or despair; we must rise to the challenge of protecting the American Dream at all costs. Governor Patrick offers us a path for the future that is built on the best time-honored values of our past and on the powerful role that citizens can play when they come together in support of the common good. Rather than attack government, give up on it, or take it for granted, Patrick heralds our responsibility as Americans to reclaim it, and demand that political leaders stay true to our country’s most fundamental values. Capitalizing on the power of our digital age, Faith in the Dream serves as a launching point for a new nationwide dialogue with readers, who are encouraged to share their thoughts and success stories at regarding what they, and other advocates and leaders they know, are currently doing to improve their communities and country. Offering a modern twist on the time-honored tradition of political pamphlets and perfectly timed for this election season, this is a must-read book–and a stirring invitation to participate–for anyone who cares about the fate of our nation and the sanctity of the American Dream.


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Deval Patrick

About the Author

Governor Deval Patrick was born in Chicago in 1956. After junior high school, he received a scholarship to attend Milton Academy in Massachusetts, and from there he graduated from Harvard College and Harvard Law School. He has worked as an attorney for the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and was later appointed, by President Clinton, as the assistant attorney general for civil rights. Governor Patrick has also been general counsel at Texaco and Coca-Cola. In 2010, he began his second term as governor of Massachusetts.

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