Atlas Obscura: Wild Life

An Explorer's Guide to the World's Living Wonders

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By Cara Giaimo

By Joshua Foer

By Atlas Obscura

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From the bestselling authors of Atlas Obscura and Gastro Obscura comes a nature book like no other—a dazzling, over-the-top collection of the world's most extraordinary wild species that takes you to all seven continents and beyond. It's more than a field guide–it's an adventure. 

From the curious minds of Atlas Obscura, authors of #1 New York Times bestselling Atlas Obscura and Gastro Obscura, comes an unputdownable celebration of the world's living wonders.

  • Learn how dung beetles navigate by the stars, and trees communicate through their roots.
  • Meet one of the strongest animals in the world: the puny peacock mantis shrimp.
  • Pay your respects to a 44,000 year old shrub, float along flying rivers, and explore a garbage dump overseen by endangered storks.
  • Examine old examples of bird song notation written on sheet music.
  • Also, first person interviews: hear from a honey hunter and his avian partners, a scientist working to find the world's only ocean-dwelling insects, and an offshore radio DJ who is at the heart of the local fishing community.

Featuring over 500 extraordinary plants, animals, and natural phenomena, with illustrations and photos on every page, the book takes readers around the globe—from Antarctic deserts to lush jungles, and into the deepest fathoms of the ocean and the hearts of our densest cities. Teeming with detail and wildly entertaining, Wild Life reinvigorates our sense of wonder, awe and amazement about the incredible creatures we share our planet with.

  • “I loved this book. A mind-blowing guide to nature's most enchanting and unexpected characters, every page is full of wit and wonder.”
    --Ed Yong, Pulitzer Prize–winning author of An Immense World

    “It makes me want to run upstairs, pack a bag, and bolt away to some far-flung corner of this astounding planet. Because now I know there are immortal jellyfish out there, and skink mansions and peacock spiders, and I know where and how to see them! So if I can just manage to stop compulsively reading every single page here, I’ll be on my way.” 
    -- Mary Roach, bestselling author of Stiff and Packing for Mars 

    "Almost as jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring as the planet itself -- and more portable." 
    ---BJ Novak, bestselling author, actor, and comedian


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Sep 17, 2024
Page Count
464 pages

Cara Giaimo author photo

Cara Giaimo

About the Author

Cara Giaimo lives in Somerville, MA, with her wife, Lilia, two cats, many plants, and uncountable neighborhood rats. A former staff writer at Atlas Obscura, Cara now covers our fellow species for the New York Times, Fabrikzeitung, Bloomberg Businessweek, and elsewhere. Her first book, Detector Dogs (with Christina Couch), was published by MIT Kids Press in 2022. She plays guitar in Sidebody.

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Joshua Foer author photo

Joshua Foer

About the Author

Joshua Foer is the cofounder of Atlas Obscura, coauthor of Wild Life: An Explorer’s Guide to the World’s Living Wonders, and coauthor of the #1 New York Times bestseller Atlas Obscura: An Explorer’s Guide to the World’s Hidden Wonders. His writing has appeared in the New Yorker, National Geographic, Esquire, Slate, Outside, the New York Times, and other publications. His book, Moonwalking with Einstein, was an international bestseller published in thirty-seven languages.

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