​You are enough exactly as you are. From Modern Love star and writer on Netflix’s Big Mouth, Brandon Kyle Goodman, comes fun, flirty, and heartfelt dispatches as a nonbinary Black person at the intersection of Blackness and Queerness, inspiring everyone toward their most authentic selves.
From the time we’re born, there are expectations placed on us by our families, our communities, and society. A litany of Do’s and Don’ts. Boxes that we are required to fit based on our race, gender, sexuality, and other parts of our identities–be it how we should behave, who we should date, or what we should be interested in.  For so many of us those boxes begin to feel like shackles when we realize we don’t fit inside them. Yet we keep trying because we crave acceptance and validation. But is “fitting in” worth the time, energy, and suffering? Actor, writer, and activist Brandon Kyle Goodman says Hell no it ain’t!
As a Black queer person in a 6’1,180lb, male body, born into a religious immigrant household, Brandon knows the pain of having to hide one’s true self, the work of learning to love that true self, and the freedom of finally being your true self. After years of reckoning with the intersections of his identity, Brandon found himself on set of a Netflix movie playing an outspoken, confident, queer Black character, who he felt was far “braver” than him. When he reflected on why that was, a question came to him, “Who would I be if society never got its hands on me?” The answer: "Free to be my true self!" From that day, Brandon went on a mission to unlock societal shackles by unlearning all the things he was told he should be in order to step into who he really is. The journey revealed a lot for Brandon including being non-binary. It also required him to reexamine defining moments in his life that could be considered traumatic or messy– his first time being followed in a store, navigating his mother’s Born-Again religion, choosing his pronouns–to find the lessons that would guide him to his most authentic self.
Compelling, compassionate, and deeply intimate, You Gotta Be You is an unapologetic call to self-freedom. It’s a collection of thought-provoking takeaways about turning rejection (from others and yourself) into a roadmap to self-love. It’s a profoundly honest guide to setting boundaries while building a community that fosters self-growth. It’s an open-hearted offering to lead you on the path to healing and finding your self-worth. Most importantly, it’s an affirmation that we are enough exactly as we are.  

What's Inside

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