Japanese Wisdom for a Life Well Lived

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By Beth Kempton

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Kokoro is an invitation to cultivate stillness and contentment in an ever-changing, uncertain world, inspired by ancient and contemporary Japanese wisdom. Drawing on a thousand years of Japanese literature, culture, and philosophical ideas to explore the true nature of time and what it means to be human, Kokoro — which mysteriously translates as "heart-mind" — is a meditation on living well.

Join Japanologist Beth Kempton on this life-changing pilgrimage far beyond the tourist trail, to uncover the soul of the country, its people, and its deeply buried wisdom. Along the way you'll discover a revolutionary way of looking at life and the world that will transform your approach to living. You will learn how to cultivate presence, awareness, calm, and joy so that you can move beyond regret and fear to make the most of every day.

Distilling insight from a rich variety of sources, from centuries-old poetry and ancient Zen texts to martial arts teaching and contemporary philosophy, alongside the real-life stories of modern day pioneers, Kokoro offers a gentle and inspiring take on what it truly means to be happy and leads you to the heart of what really matters, so you can live each day with wonder and ease. And then, when the time comes to look back on it all, you will know that yours was a life well-lived.


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Oct 1, 2024
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Beth Kempton

Beth Kempton

About the Author

Beth Kempton is a Japanologist and a bestselling self-help author and writer mentor, whose books have been translated into more than 25 languages. She has had a twenty-year love affair with Japan, and has made it her work to uncover life lessons and philosophical ideas buried in Japanese culture, words, and ritual. Beth has two degrees in Japanese and has a rare understanding of Japanese cultural and linguistic nuances. She is also a qualified yoga teacher and Reiki Master, trained in the Japanese tradition in Tokyo. She is also founder of Do What You Love, a company which produces and delivers inspiring online courses for living well, with over 100,000 alumni and a community of 250,000 people worldwide.


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