The King Is Dead

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By Benjamin Dean

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In this romantic thriller perfect for fans of Ace of Spades, James—the shy, handsome, mixed-race heir to the British throne—must choose between love and duty amidst a dangerous scandal and a tabloid media desperate for his downfall.

Heavy is the crown James has been born to wear, especially as the first Black heir to the British throne. But with his father’s recent passing, and with a new secret boyfriend, James is woefully unprepared for the sudden shine of public scrutiny. 
When his secrets come spilling forth across tabloid pages and the man he thought he loved has suddenly disappeared, James finds himself on the precipice of ruin. As every detail of his life becomes public knowledge, his sense of safety is shattered and the people he trusts the most become the likeliest suspects.
What dangers lurk behind the palace walls—and will the new king find out before it’s too late?


  • “All hail this royal debut that twists, turns, and revels in palace intrigue and deceit."

    Kirkus, starred review
  • "A pulse-pounding thriller and searing romance!"

    Publisher's Weekly, starred review
  • “Scandalous, funny, and deliciously compelling!"

    Catherine Doyle, co-author of Twin Crowns
  • “All hail this exquisitely twisty, delightfully queer mystery.”

    Chelsea Pitcher, author of This Lie Will Kill You
  • “Benjamin Dean has written a royal triumph.”

    Juno Dawson, author of Her Majesty's Royal Coven
  • “A compelling thriller that stays with you long after you’ve finished reading.”

    Kathryn Foxfield, author of Good Girls Die First
  • “A scandalous peek behind the royal curtain, with more jaw-dropping, OMG-twists than even the most salacious tabloid journalist could create.”

    Erik J. Brown, author of All That's Left in the World
  • “One page-burning scandal after another. Benjamin Dean is YA royalty.”

    Femi Fadugba, author of The Upper World
  • “Dean’s deliciously scandalous YA debut is filled with twists, turns, and social commentary that brilliantly riffs off real-world context. Paparazzi appearances, tabloid articles, and secret notes give off a total thriller Gossip Girl vibe.  A perfect storm of royal drama and intrigue. Recommended for all teen collections.”

    SLJ, starred review

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Jul 9, 2024
Page Count
384 pages