Jeeves and the Leap of Faith

A Novel in Homage to P. G. Wodehouse


By Ben Schott

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Jeeves and Wooster return in a new espionage caper full of japes, high jinks, and jiggery-pokery in a series that is “impossible to read without grinning idiotically” (Evening Standard).
The Drones club’s in peril. Gussie’s in love. Spode’s on the war path. Oh, and His Majesty’s Government needs a favor . . .
I say! It’s a good thing Bertie’s back, what?
In his eagerly anticipated sequel to Jeeves and the King of Clubs, Ben Schott leads Jeeves and Wooster on another elegantly uproarious escapade.
From the mean streets of Mayfair to the scheming spires of Cambridge, we encounter a joyous cast of characters: chiseling painters and criminal bookies, eccentric philosophers and dodgy clairvoyants, appalling poets and pocket dictators, vexatious aunts and their vicious hounds.
But that’s not all:
Who is ICEBERG, and why is he covered in chalk?
Why is Jeeves reading Winnie-the-Pooh?
What is seven across and eighty-five down?
How do you play Russian Roulette at The Savoy?
These questions, and more, are answered in Jeeves and the Leap of Faith — an homage to P.G. Wodehouse, authorized by his estate, and essential reading for fans of The Master.

  • The whirligigging plot almost spins out of control here, but don't worry: Jeeves takes care of that just fine. Great fun--another round, please!
  • Wodehouse’s droll byplay between master and servant is emulated well… [Schott] succeeds at keeping his many plates spinning. This’ll be a hoot for Wodehouse fans.
    Publishers Weekly
  • This homage to P.G. Wodehouse is so good that a blind reading (i.e. a genuine ‘Plum’ versus Schott’s pastiche) would be a tricky call. Everything is in its place...the sheer luxury, wealth and self-assurance of Bertie’s world is brilliantly evoked with all its enviable light-heartedness intact. A masterpiece in every sense.
    Daily Mail
  • Schott’s second foray into Wooster world (after Jeeves and the King of Clubs) is as dazzling as his first, with brilliant puns and laugh-out-loud prose. Everything one expects from Wodehouse is here: an outlandish plot, beloved characters, a Wooster aunt on the matrimonial warpath, gambling, nightclubs, and, inevitably, Jeeves to the rescue... [it's] a perfectly frothy concoction for invoking joy and laughter. For the uninitiated, Schott provides a glossary, placing characters and events into historical and literary context. 
    VERDICT It’s a fizzer, chaps. An absolute corker.
    Library Journal Starred Review

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Ben Schott

About the Author

Ben Schott is the New York Times and internationally bestselling author of Schott's Miscellany and the Schott's Almanac series. His first novel in homage to P.G. Wodehouse was Jeeves and the King of Clubs. A graduate of Cambridge University, he enjoyed a career as a photographer before becoming a writer. He is a regular columnist for Bon Appetit, Inc., Playboy, and the New York Times, and a frequent contributor to many other outlets, including The Guardian, Vanity Fair, the Paris Review, and more. He lives in New York City and London.

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