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Leave It to the March Sisters

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May 30, 2023

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Amy Marsden has charmed her way to a charmed life. She has it all—beauty, brains, and a dream position as Chair of the English Department of a small-town college. Her love life is upside down and backwards, and her professional learning curve is steep, but everything’s going her way.

Except it isn’t. She feels like a fraud, as fake as her mother’s fantasy that their family is a version of the March family in Little Women. Her real life’s on hold, the one where she’s a painter, not a professor. Where her sister Jo, whose career she derailed, gets the dream job she deserves. Where Theo, the guy she’s loved since forever, forgives her for messing up his life.

When circumstances compel Amy to live in Theo’s house, she realizes this may be her last chance to heal their broken friendship. Making up for her mistakes, she just might turn her life around. If Theo will let her back in his. She doesn’t have a chance to win his heart, though. It belongs to Jo.

Doesn’t it? Or has she been looking at Theo upside down and backwards? Maybe it’s not too late to paint herself in the picture of Theo’s world.

What's Inside

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“Annie Sereno is a phenomenal writer who has earned a standing spot on my must-read list!”

Carolyn Brown, New York Times bestselling author
"Delivers plenty of tongue-in-cheek literary witticism and small-town heart ... the novel’s heart lies in its quirky, memorable characters. Readers will find themselves laughing through the familiar tropes—and dying for one of Thorne’s delicious creations."—Publishers Weekly on Blame It on the Brontës
"Sereno’s novel is witty and entertaining, and fans of the Brontë sisters will undoubtedly appreciate the fun she has nodding to their books."—Kirkus on Blame It on the Brontës
“A delightful third-chance romance with Bronte brooding and rom-com banter. You’ll be rooting for Thena and Thorne!”
 —Jenny Holiday, USA Today bestselling author, on Blame it on the Brontës
“A swoon-worthy hero in a story that’s everything a rom com should be—smart, sexy, funny, and charming to boot!”—Carolyn Brown, New York Times bestselling author, on Blame it on the Brontës
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