Wellness for Cats

A Guide for Health, Hygiene, and Happiness


By Annabelle Valentin

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This must-have resource is the perfect gift for every caring cat owner to ensure their pet’s health and wellness—with advice and solutions for everything from grooming to digestion to age, plus 30 simple recipes for treats, tonics, and skin and fur care.

Wellness for Cats presents advice and dozens of solutions for everything from grooming to digestion issues to age related pain and beyond.  With beautiful four-color photography and an elegant design, it is the gift or the self-purchase for every caring cat owner. It includes 30 simple recipes for treats, tonics, and skin and fur preparations. 

Pet ownership has skyrocketed, and so has spending on them. As pet owners find increasing comfort in the company of their cats, they want to make sure they are as naturally healthy as possible, and that includes treating and preventing common ailments. Just as we embrace natural products for ourselves in our wellness routines and health products, we can do the same for our cats. 

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Jul 25, 2023
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Annabelle Valentin

About the Author

Annabelle Valentin grew up in the Vosges region in France, where her interest for the animal world began. Her creativity and her taste for home-made products led her to work for Marie Claire and Cuisine et Vins de France (Food and Wine of France). When she decided to reduce her use of chemical products for herself and for her cat Mirò, she discovered the virtues of plants.  With this, her first book, Annabelle consulted at length with veterinarians to be sure all recipes are safe, healthy, and appealing.

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