The A to Z of Plant Names

A Quick Reference Guide to 4000 Garden Plants


By Allen J. Coombes

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Botanical names can be baffling to even the most experienced gardener. But a plant’s botanical name is more than just a handy label—it can tell a plant’s country of origin, the shape of its leaves, the color of its petals, and much more.

The A to Z of Plant Names clears the confusion and allows every gardener to name plants with confidence. This comprehensive yet handy guide features the botanic names of the plants that gardeners really grow. Additional information includes suggested pronunciation, the common name, the derivation of the scientific name, the number of species currently accepted, the type of plant and the distribution.

The A to Z of Plant Names helps demystify names, provides readers with the intriguing background information to naming conventions, and empowers gardeners everywhere to feel confident about naming plants.

  • “Pronunciations, common names, and classifications are included, making this a quick and simple ready reference guide.” —Booklist

    “Exactly the sort of botanical geekery I love.” —Garden Rant

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Jul 16, 2012
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Allen J. Coombes

Allen J. Coombes

About the Author

Allen J. Coombes is a botanist in Puebla, Mexico where he is curator of scientific collections at the University Botanic Garden. He has written widely on trees and shrubs, was a member of the Horticultural Taxonomy Group, and worked for the Sir Harold Hillier Gardens in Hampshire, England. 

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