The Healing Code

6 Minutes to Heal the Source of Your Health, Success, or Relationship Issue


By Alexander Loyd, PhD, ND

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With over 1 million copies sold worldwide and translated into 29 languages, Dr. Alex Loyd’s international bestselling book is a life-changing program that uses energy medicine to heal mental and physical challenges.

The Healing Code is your healing kit for life-to recover from the issues you know about, and repair the ones you don’t. The book also includes:

  • The Seven Secrets of life, health, and prosperity
  • The 10-second Instant Impact technique for defusing daily stress
  • The Heart Issues Finder, the only test that identifies your source issues in a succinct personalized report

Dr. Alex Loyd discovered how to activate a physical function built into the body that consistently and predictably removes the source of 95% of all illness and disease. His findings were validated by tests and by the thousands of people from all over the world who have used The Healing Code’s system to heal virtually any physical, emotional, or relational issue.

His testing also revealed that there is a “Universal Healing Code” that will heal most issues for most people. In this book you will get that Universal Healing Code, which takes only minutes to do.


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Jordan Rubin

The Healing Code developed by Dr. Alex Loyd is a revelation to all who are desperately searching for answers to the challenges they face in their everyday lives.

During my two-year battle with several incurable illnesses, I visited seventy experts in conventional and alternative health, desperate for a cure. After conquering my own diseases through active faith in God and following natural health principals, I went on a mission to transform the health of this nation and world one life at a time. In my quest to find the most effective foundational keys to unlock the health potential of the body, soul and spirit, I have evaluated hundreds of healing modalities, most with mixed results at best.

I was introduced to The Healing Codes by a friend, and I have to admit that at first I was a bit skeptical. Once I heard and read the amazing testimonials of changed lives, and found out that The Healing Codes system was discovered after twelve years of prayer, is completely in harmony with the Bible, and is steeped in science, I wanted to learn more. Shortly thereafter I had the opportunity to spend time with Dr. Alex Loyd. If I had any doubts, they were erased: Alex is a walking testimony to the system he developed.

Not only has Alex facilitated his own family's physical and emotional health breakthroughs, his compassion for those in need and willingness to help people at all costs make him unlike anyone I have ever known. Alex is one of the most contented, giving and peaceful men I have ever met. I have watched Alex Loyd and The Healing Codes dramatically improve the health of friends and family, producing measurable results physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

Yet it wasn't until I was dealing with a great personal crisis that I realized the true power that lies in The Healing Codes. When facing what seemed like insurmountable odds, I worked with Alex daily for a period of forty days and diligently used The Healing Codes to resolve and heal the issues of my heart, many of which I didn't know existed. During this process I was able to almost effortlessly remove painful past experiences and truly forgive those who had hurt me over the years and, more importantly, seek forgiveness on behalf of those I had hurt. I experienced yet another God-given miracle in my life in body, soul and spirit, and I owe much gratitude to Dr. Alex Loyd and The Healing Codes.

This book is based on that system and gives you the essence of what makes it work. With The Healing Code you have so much more than just a book. Right now you hold in your hands the keys to unlock your own God-given health potential.

If you utilize the tools in The Healing Code, you can achieve true forgiveness, banish wrong beliefs and heal the issues of your heart that are causing stress, failure and even physical disease in your life. Yet as powerful as The Healing Code principles are, they won't work by themselves. You must diligently practice the Healing Code techniques and use the tools, such as the Heart Issues Finder. I urge you to take the time to develop your personalized Healing Code program using the tools in Chapters Eleven and Twelve, you'll be amazed at the quick and effective "Instant Impact" technique that takes 10 seconds to eliminate stress, negative emotions, and increase energy for the day. But it won't do you any good unless you use it when you need it!

Today in America, we hear a great deal about health REFORM. If you utilize the powerful tools available to you in The Healing Code, you will see your health and life TRANSFORM from the inside out.

I have benefited greatly from the revelation and wisdom I've received from Dr. Alex Loyd. Now it's time for you to begin your own journey to extraordinary health with The Healing Code.

Jordan S. Rubin, NMD, PhD

New York Times bestselling author of more than
20 health and wellness books

Host of the Extraordinary Health television program

Founder and CEO, Garden of Life


The Discovery that Changed Everything

What do you want most in life? Loving relationships? Having a health issue resolved? Peace? Achievement in an area where you have always felt more capable than your results indicate? Fulfillment that could be measured in a thousand different ways? How can you attain whatever the "thing" is that keeps you awake at night or that quickens your heartbeat?

What I (Alex)1 want to share with you is a way to attain these things in your life, a way that was given to me in 2001 as a gift of God.

You see, back in 2001, I was the one wanting all these things. The story of the previous twelve years of my life had been sadness, depression, frustration, blocked goals, and helplessness—helplessness in a situation that brought pain and agony to not only myself but my family for those twelve long years. Every time it looked like things were going to improve a little bit, they would slide right back into the despair that had characterized our life together.

What was this problem? Tracey and I said "I do" in 1986 believing that our life would be a "happily ever after" story. Within six months Tracey was crying at the drop of a hat, binging on chocolate chip cookies, and frequently hiding in the bedroom with the door locked. In spite of the fact that living with me could probably do that to anyone on planet Earth, I was very concerned. None of this had happened to her before, and Tracey didn't seem to know why she was so sad, besides being married to me, of course. We soon found out that Tracey was clinically depressed and probably had been for most of her life. In fact, depression and anxiety ran through her family like a commercial lawn mower through foot high grass. Several members of her family have committed suicide in the last thirty or so years.


We tried everything: counseling, therapy, vitamins, minerals, herbs, prayer, alternative emotional release techniques… everything! Tracey read a library of psychology, self-help, and spiritual books over these years. I don't know how much money we spent in those twelve years of searching—the last time we totaled it up it was in the tens of thousands of dollars. Some of the things we tried are wonderful practices that we still follow, and a few of them helped, but Tracey was always still depressed.

We thought antidepressants would be the answer. I can vividly remember being awakened in the middle of the night by Tracey's screaming. Turning on the light, I was horrified to see that Tracey was sitting in blood. It was on her, on her gown, and on the sheets all around her. She was screaming and weeping at the same time. I reached for the phone to call 911, thinking that Tracey was hemorrhaging internally. I wondered if she would make it, and how I would raise our six-year-old son if she didn't. It was at about that thought that I realized what had happened–Tracey had been clawing her legs with her fingernails while asleep until she eventually clawed so much skin off of her legs that they bled out onto the sheets. There were many more side effects of the antidepressants, but this one was the worst.

The symptoms of the depression itself were far worse. Once Tracey took a depression self-test that was in the back of a book she was reading and scored in the severely depressed range. I started looking through the test to see how she had answered questions and was shocked to see that she had answered "yes" to a question that asked if she thought about wanting to die most days. She told me that she was too chicken to ever act on it, but that she frequently thought how nice it would be to just veer off the road into a concrete embankment and have the pain all be over.

The depression negatively affected every aspect of our life and family. Many times we were stressed to the breaking point. After being married for three years, Tracey and I both wanted out. The only thing that stopped us was the belief that God had something better in mind. Tracey and I had a recommitment service and renewed our vows–we were truly in it "for better or worse."

The one thing I never lost was hope, and it was that hope that kept me struggling and searching for ways to help Tracey. I searched my way through two doctoral programs, through countless seminars and workshops, through dozens and dozens of books on how to fix the problem. None of these yielded the answers that I was looking for. Lessons learned? Absolutely. Greater maturity? You bet. A belief that I would find the answer? Always.

And then it happened. It happened over a three-hour period. It was like I was the only person on planet Earth, although there were people all around me.…


I had been in Los Angeles for a seminar on alternative methods of psychology and was in the airport waiting to board my plane home. My cell phone rang, and when I picked it up I heard the word "Hi." As soon as I heard it, chills ran all over my body. Tracey was severely depressed. She was weeping and said that our son, Harry (who was six), did not understand her being sick in this kind of way. If I had been home I could have knocked out her symptoms with some techniques I knew. However, I was powerless to help her from three thousand miles away. I talked and prayed with her until the stewardess made me turn my phone off. I then started doing what I had done every single day for the previous twelve years–I prayed for Tracey.

What happened next is the reason I am writing this book. The best way I can put it is: God downloaded into my mind and heart what we now call The Healing Codes®.

Don't misunderstand me… there were no angels outside the window of the 737. There was no fog or mist rolling down the fuselage. I heard no heavenly music playing. But what I experienced was so different from anything I had ever been a part of before that I knew it was an answer to those twelve years of daily prayer. I saw the answer in my mind's eye like I have many, many other ideas before–yet it was not the same. You know what I'm talking about if you have ever thought of something and said, "What a great idea!" Well, that's what this was like, only it was like having someone else's great idea deposited into my head. It was like I was watching it on TV. It was in my mind but it was not of me. I was "reading" a blueprint of a healing system that I had never studied. The revelation was of a physical mechanism in the body that would heal a spiritual issue–wrong beliefs. I was shown a system that explained how to counteract the true source of all life's issues by doing simple exercises that involved using the hands. So… I wrote it down, and wrote it down, and wrote it down some more. I wrote until my hand was cramping and I literally said out loud (I remember because I looked around embarrassed that someone might have heard me), "God, you're either going to have to slow down or remind me of this; I can't write that fast!"

When I got home, following this God-given blueprint eliminated the problem that had dominated my life for more than a decade. In 45 minutes, my wife's clinical depression was gone. As I write this it's now more than eight years later, and Tracey has never taken another medication and feels great every day. Yes, Tracey's depression came back after that initial 45 minutes, but within three weeks of doing "The Healing Codes" daily her depression was gone for good. After the years we had been through, painfully searching for something–anything–that would bring normality and peace to our life, I don't know the words to describe the joy and exhilaration this brought to me, my wife and my sons (we now have two). In fact, in 2006 Tracey legally changed her name to Hope. After all the depressed years when she felt hopeless, she no longer felt like the same person. She was now Hope.

After that fateful night when I discovered what we later named The Healing Codes, I was just as excited the following Monday morning when I went to my private practice with plans to integrate this new protocol into working with dozens of people who could have described their lives in words similar to mine. Many pains, many frustrations, many heartaches, many people searching for answers. As I started sharing The Healing Codes with my clients, what happened was exactly what I thought would happen: depression was healed; anxiety was replaced by peace; relationship problems melted away. And even more serious mental and emotional problems seemed to heal consistently, predictably and even quickly in most cases.


What I had not expected is what happened six weeks later. A precious client of mine asked if she could speak privately with me for a few moments. She had a puzzling look on her face that I'd never seen before, and stated to me that she could not recall having told me that she had multiple sclerosis (MS). I'm sad to say that I immediately flashed back to one of my doctoral psychology classes on ethics and legal issues and the concern crossed my mind that this was a lawsuit waiting to happen. I rather embarrassedly and nervously looked through her file, saying to her that I could not recall that but let's take a look, when I realized that that was not at all why she was asking the question.

Now feeling compassion and love, I closed the file, put it away, looked her dead in the eye, and said, "I don't remember that either. Why do you ask?" Well, she burst out weeping, almost uncontrollably. When she calmed down, she explained that she had just come from Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville, where she had learned that she did not have MS anymore. I was deeply moved by the situation and started crying myself. Tears then turned to laughter and we started laughing. I asked her: "How did you do that? Please tell me so that if I have another client I can share with them what they can do as well. This is wonderful… I am so happy for you."

Then it came: She stated that it was The Healing Codes I'd had her doing for the last six weeks that were responsible for the healing. It had to be—it was the only thing different that she had done.

Well, I thought this was an anomaly. An exception. A one-time unusual response. Until a couple of weeks later I heard a similar story concerning cancer. And then not long after that, diabetes. And then migraine headaches. The early stages of Parkinson's disease. And on, and on, and on.

It was at this point that I knew that what I'd received at 30,000 feet that day was much, much more than I'd hoped or prayed for. I realized the wonderful health ramifications it could have on the world, but I knew no one would believe just because I said it. In fact, most people wouldn't even believe these wonderful stories of healing at all. They sounded too incredible… too fantastic… too sensational. We are bombarded every day with the "sensational" that turns out to be disappointing when applied to our own lives and circumstances.


In order for me to bring this to the world, I needed to be convinced in my own mind and heart of two things. One was that it was in harmony with my own spiritual beliefs. For two or three weeks I "hit the pause button" and took time to pray, talk to my minister and to my spiritual mentor, and search Scripture to understand whether this was in harmony with the Bible. At the end of that period, I was convinced that this method of healing is actually more in harmony with the Bible than anything offered either by traditional or alternative medicines. It heals exactly what the Bible emphasizes, and does so according to the way God created the universe and our bodies.2

The second thing I had to be convinced of was that The Healing Codes could be validated, scientifically and medically. I had to do this because I was beginning to realize that if this was as good as I thought, I would need to make some radical changes in my life to tell the world about it. I would have to essentially walk away from my private practice. You have to understand, I had worked for five years for my doctorate degree, and those years were a struggle. Not only did we have Tracy's depression to contend with, but I was working two side jobs, going to graduate school full time, paying tuition and supporting a growing family (my first son was born during that time). There were many times when we ate peanut butter or rice and beans for dinner. When I got my degree, within a year I had a six-month waiting list for clients. My private practice as a therapist was thriving, and we were finally enjoying the fruit of our labor.

As wonderful as the healing was that I saw in Tracey and my clients from The Healing Codes, I had to be convinced in my own mind that it was really as good as it seemed. I needed proof.

For the next year and a half I set out to prove to myself that this really was better than anything else out there. I turned to the Heart Rate Variability (HRV) test, the gold standard medical test for measuring stress in the autonomic nervous system. I'd done enough research to know that just about every problem you can imagine has at some time, in some form, in some way, been traced back to stress. I believed that—if The Healing Codes really healed almost anything and everything in the way they seemed to—they had to be removing stress from the body, because in most cases the physical issues that had been healed were not the ones being directly addressed. In fact, the only issues ever addressed by The Healing Codes, past, present, and future, are spiritual issues of the heart.


The results of the year and a half of testing with Heart Rate Variability were way beyond what I had hoped for. A medical doctor told me that the results I received had never happened before in the history of medicine. What were these results? Simply that the majority of the time, The Healing Codes remove enough stress from an out-of-balance autonomic nervous system to allow it to come back into balance in 20 minutes or less, and most people (77 percent) are still in balance 24 hours later when tested again. According to available literature going back thirty years, as researched by Dr. Roger Callahan in his recent book Stopping the Nightmares of Trauma, the least amount of time it has taken for any therapy to remove this much stress from the body was six weeks. In essence, if you connect the dots, The Healing Codes seem to be removing from the body, in 20 minutes or less, the one thing that is the source of almost all our problems.

While my own test results were not a clinical or double blind study, they were all I needed to show open-minded people that there is hope for their problem. I knew that I had found what I had been looking for, what many people thought was impossible: something that healed the source, not just symptoms—and something that lasted. I had what I needed to be able to walk away from my private practice and start The Healing Codes organization from my basement, with no advertising and very little money. I felt I now had a responsibility to help other people who were hurting as Tracey and I were for twelve years. I am thrilled beyond words to offer you this gift that was given to me by God back in May, 2001 so that you can heal your life as many people around the world have healed theirs.

I (Ben) concur with this. In fact, one of the reasons I came on board to help bring The Healing Codes wider exposure is the remarkable results I experienced, and subsequently saw my patients experience from using this mechanism. Here's what happened to me.


In 1996 it could be said that I was "living the good life" in Colorado Springs, Colorado. My medical practice was exceptional, the patients were wonderful, and my side business of real estate had been very successful. I was enjoying my family and had plenty of time for hunting, fishing and skiing. Life was good!

During this time, my father had undergone triple bypass surgery and then needed his carotid arteries cleaned out because his leg arteries were clogged. He asked me about some unconventional therapies, which were not FDA approved. As he began to recover and his arteries cleared out I became intrigued. The more I looked at herbs and nutritional supplements, as well as off-label uses of FDA approved agents, the more I realized that I had just been treating symptoms, not allowing the disease state to change to wellness.

I began to become disillusioned with drugs and their myriad side effects. There were whole worlds of effective therapies out there that no one had told me about in my formal medical education. I knew I needed to learn more about them. The adventure had begun.

I returned to my native state of Georgia, where I began to devour all the material that I could find on herbs, nutritional supplements, homeopathy, and other alternative medical therapies. It was like going to medical school all over again! I eventually decided there was so much information out there that I needed formal training. I went back and got my Naturopathic Medical Degree (NMD).

Since then, I have strived to offer my patients the best of both worlds. I am combining viable conventional medical approaches with appropriate alternative therapies to create the most effective healing programs for my patients. By doing so, I have achieved much more success working with chronic degenerative diseases, including cancer—an area I eventually chose to specialize in—than I'd previously achieved using conventional medicine alone. Despite my significantly improved success rate, however, like any other physician, I still experienced cases where, no matter what methods I employed, the patient did not respond. It was these cases that kept me searching for a healing method that might work for everyone, regardless of their situation.


One of the great obstacles that I have faced as an integrative cancer physician is the emotional/spiritual issues that my patients have to overcome in order to get well. I have literally had patients die after they became free of their cancer because they could not overcome anger, fear, feeling unloved, unforgiveness, or other issues in their lives. To help my patients more effectively deal with their unresolved emotional/spiritual issues, I investigated and was trained in many therapies, including traditional counseling, Thought Field Therapy (TFT), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Healing Touch, Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT), Quantum Techniques, and others.3 Some of these helped to an extent, and some helped more than others. But none was adequate to the task of being able to work for everybody.

The truth of the matter is that we seldom run across a truly new therapy, especially one that can potentially change the landscape of medicine as we know it. Just think of the possibilities of a world without Prozac, Lipitor, insulin, or anti-hypertensives. When this coincides with our own personal point of need it can be a truly phenomenal event. I didn't know it at the time, but the new therapy I was searching for is The Healing Codes,4 developed by Dr. Alex Loyd, whom I am pleased today to call my friend and partner.

In my cancer clinic in Atlanta we are very progressive. We look at the many causes of cancer and try to design specific therapies for each one. I believe the causes of cancer are a combination of heavy metals, viruses, cellular oxygen deprivation, metabolic acidosis, and emotional/spiritual issues. We can deal with heavy metals quite effectively using a variety of intravenous and oral agents. A virus and other viral-like particles are much more difficult to deal with, but they can be handled with certain antiviral preparations and other non-FDA approved agents. Addressing cellular oxygen deprivation (for which Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize for medicine in 1932 when he proved that lack of oxygen is an important cause of cancer) is a slower process. There are intravenous agents to shift the oxygen hemoglobin disassociation curve. This is intimately related to metabolic acidosis and to ongoing diet changes, which are absolutely necessary. Though not easy, addressing all of these issues remains imminently doable. It was the emotional/spiritual issues that remained a major obstacle to getting my patients well. Finding a solution to that problem became an increasingly important quest for me as I continued my medical practice.


During my search for the sake of my patients, I began to have some physical problems of my own, primarily fatigue and muscle fasciculation (involuntary contraction or twitching of muscle fibers). Initially, I tried to ignore them, passing them off as a result of the spinal cord injury that I sustained in 1996. But over time, my condition worsened. Muscles would be jiggling in the calf of my leg and at the same time muscles would be in spasm in my back or my upper arms. You could sit there and watch these muscles just jumping up and down under my skin. In addition, I became quite fatigued, even from walking up a short flight of stairs, and my voice grew weak. I decided it was time to visit my orthopedic surgeon, who is also a personal friend. After he conducted his examination of me, it was with great reluctance that he informed me that his diagnosis was amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease. I was not happy with this diagnosis, so I promptly sought out another physician friend for a second opinion. He, too, made the same diagnosis.

I went home and pored over my medical books. What I discovered was pretty grim. Eighty percent of people with Lou Gehrig's disease die within five years of developing symptoms, and I had been experiencing them for at least a year! According to the statistics surrounding this disease, I had just lived 25 to 50 percent of the remainder of my life. Many of my cancer patients had a better prognosis than this.

Shortly after my diagnosis, I attended a seminar where I heard Dr. Alex Loyd speak about his new work—The Healing Codes. I found it quite intriguing that, as he began to work with his counseling patients and they began to heal emotionally, they also began to heal physically. This was entirely unexpected but proved to be true, as he saw more and more patients heal physically. With my new diagnosis in hand I redoubled my efforts to investigate Dr. Loyd's discovery.



  • "Dr. Alex Lloyd has the defining healing technology in the world today--it will revolutionize health. It is the easiest way to get well and stay well fast. Dr. Lloyd may very well be the Albert Schweitzer of our time." --Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books

  • "I have found no other process that is as elegantly simple. effortlessly learnable, inherently portable, profoundly effective, and fundamentally timeless. The highest commendation I can give is that I use it for myself, my family and my patients." --Merill Ken Galera, MD, Medical Director, the Glaera Center and former Lead Physcian of Dr. Mercola's Natural Health Center

  • "You almost have to have a process like The Healing Code to change the wrong beliefs that are keeping you from the life and health you want." --Bruce Lipton, PhD, former cell Biology researcher at Stanfrod and author of the bestselling, Biology of Belief

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Alexander Loyd, PhD, ND

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Dr. Alexander Loyd, PhD, ND, is the international bestselling author of The Love Code and The Healing Code. He has been featured live on NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, and PBS news programs as an expert in healing the source issues underlying disease and illness. Dr. Alex lectures all over the world and has built the largest whole life healing practice in the world, with hundreds of clients in 50 states and 167 countries (and counting).

He lives in Tennessee with his wife Hope and sons Harry and George.

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