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By A. R. Torre

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Equal parts Dexter and 50 Shades, this is the eagerly awaited follow-up to the award winning erotic thriller, The Girl in 6E, by A.R. Torre.

1. Don’t leave the apartment.2. Never let anyone in.3. Don’t kill anyone.

The rules were simple and I broke them. Now I must face the consequences. Everyone else must face me.


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IN MARATHON, FLORIDA, on mile two of the old Seven Mile Bridge, there is a tree. It has grown out of a crack on the pavement, starting out as a weed, then a stalk, and is now a teenage pine, standing five feet tall, with branches that extend out the width of a car. It squats on a barren strip of concrete that is the old bridge, pavement stretching for miles in both directions before dead-ending into air, sections of the bridge destroyed—years ago—in an attempt to forbid human weight to ever rest upon it again. Now the island of hot asphalt is home only to birds, rain, salt air, and this tree. It is an impossibility, this pine, growing in such an inhospitable place. No dirt or nutrients to pull from, stiff, unyielding concrete surrounding its roots. Yet it has grown. From a weed to a tree, its roots have pushed aside concrete, fed on nothing yet thrived regardless, surviving hurricanes, tornados, and droughts, springing branches and needles with uncontained gusto.

I saw the tree when I was fifteen, my head resting against a warm window, headphones on, music drowning out the incessant sounds of Summer and Trent. Our family had flown to Miami, then rented an SUV and driven down to Key West. The tree had caught my attention, my eyes sticking to it as the vehicle swept alongside it, our tires on the new bridge, my view interrupted seconds later as my father drove on. At the time, the tree fascinated me.

Now, it terrifies me.

It makes me realize that no matter how much I may starve my desires, may shield myself from triggers and pitfalls… it can survive. The blackness in my mind can live, can grow into something too big to control.


"Kiss me. Now."


I REMEMBER FIRST-DATE jitters. My first date was with a boy named Josie. His name should have been the first tip-off. The second should have been his excellent sense of style, movie selection (Hairspray), and his propensity to wave his hands in the air excitedly when describing the latest season of America's Next Top Model. But I was fifteen, naïve, and spent the entire dinner tongue-tied and nervous, clasping and unclasping my hands underneath the Ruby Tuesday table while wondering what I'd do with my hands when he kissed me at the end of the date.

He didn't kiss me. There was an awkward handshake before I fled inside my home, the rest of the night spent bawling into my pillow while I dissected every piece of the date and tried to figure out where I went wrong. Being born without a penis. That's where I went wrong. If only I'd had a fairy godmother patting my shoulder consolingly while giggling into her fabulously embroidered handkerchief.

Now, eight years later, those first-date jitters are back. But they are of a completely different variety. I stare across the table at Jeremy, and wonder if I will make it through the date without trying to kill him.

The good news is, he is most definitely straight. Straight in an all-American beautiful way that makes Josie look like last week's lunch meat. I focus on his features, a strong face housing thick lashes that frame deep brown eyes. Eyes that are watching me closely, a smile playing across the sexy mouth that hides a perfect set of pearly whites. A smile. He should not be smiling. I frown at him, which prompts a laugh from his side of the table.

"Stop scowling." He reaches across and grabs my hand, capturing it before I can slide it under the table. "It only makes you sexier and…" He pauses, carefully examining the surface of my hand, his large palms dwarfing my smaller one. "I can't have pissed you off already. We haven't even ordered."

Ordered. My villainous thoughts get distracted by the concept of restaurant food. I, since my one successful venture into the light, have started to tinker with the idea of grocery shopping. Stopping my food-by-mail program and entering the world of raw meat, fresh fruit, and local produce. Surely my nutrition is a worthy excuse to leave the apartment. I close my mind to that justification and look at the menu, gingerly touch the edge, flip it open, and stare at the possibilities.

All thoughts of death and mayhem disappear when I see the steaks, scattered among the images casually, as if it is no big deal to have a hunk of red, fresh meat—one that will be touched by the sizzle of the grill and nothing else. I swallow, worried that I will physically drool all over the laminated pages.

We are interrupted by a waitress, an exhausted stick of deep wrinkles and frizzy hair, who barely glances our direction as she pulls out her order pad. "What'll you have?"

Jeremy looks at me. "Please, go ahead."

My eyes dart across the page, indecision gnawing at my gut as I scan from one delicious entrée to the next. "I'll have the filet, please."

"Side?" she drawls.

"Baked potato, please. Loaded." The thought of fresh sour cream and, ohmygod, real butter sends a shot of euphoria through me. Jeremy sends me an odd glance and I realize, my cheeks stretched tight, that I am beaming.


"Yes, please. With Ranch. And could I also get a side of broccoli?" My eyes trip and stall over the vegetable list. "And mushrooms," I quickly add, her pen stalling as she glances my way. Her pen. It is cheap, a Bic whose end has been chewed down to a twisted, gnarled end of missing plastic. I wonder, my eyes catching on it, if—jabbed quickly enough—it would stab through the tanned skin of her neck. "And green beans." Her mouth twists in a grimace of sorts. "Please," I add. Please. Please let me stand over your body and watch you die. I'll add a pretty please if you promise to bleed heavily.

Jeremy orders quickly, and FrizzyOMonday flees, as if she knows she is escaping death. I watch her retreat, pulled back to the present by Jeremy's voice.

"Hungry?" His wry tone gives me pause, and my gaze flicks back to him.

"I'm sorry. I didn't think about the cost." My eyes drop to the menu. "I planned on paying for my portion."

"It's a date, you're not paying for your half. And I don't care about the cost. It's just…" He shrugs, smiling at me as if I am an interesting display. "You're so tiny. I guess I expected, with all the diet boxes that are delivered, that you'd be a dry salad girl."

I grin. "The diet plans are easy. And don't require much thought. I haven't… it's been a while since I've had real food." I don't expand on the thought. He knows. Knows that I've locked myself in my apartment for three years. Knows that, other than my road trip of mayhem two weeks ago, this is the first time I've left the sanctuary of apartment 6E.

"Maybe I could cook for you sometime."

I smile weakly. "Let's see how tonight goes."

"You've been good so far."

"She hasn't brought the steak knives out yet."

He laughs, as if it is funny, as if there is no real threat of danger. I frown.

"Stop doing that," he warns. "And please, relax a bit. I'm not gonna let you hurt me." I'm not gonna let you hurt me. An odd statement for a first date, but one that fits us well.

"Don't be so sure you can stop me."

"Can you be naked again the next time you try? I enjoyed that." His serious tone catches me off guard, and laughter suddenly bubbles out of me, uncontrolled in its erratic path.

It is, quite possibly, the strangest first date in history. But I behaved. I gripped my steak knife tightly and avoided putting it through his skin. I focused my attention on the food, diving full force into the deliciousness that was unpreserved, unboxed cuisine. He was amused, chewing his food slowly as he watched me, staring with an awe that was unnerving. Undeserved. Then he ordered every dessert they had, and watched with unreserved glee as I dug in. We left the restaurant by six and, fifteen minutes later, we're back at my doorstep, the sight of this side of the door unfamiliar, foreign.

I place my hands on the steel, noticing that the 6E metallic sticker is slightly crooked and barely hanging on, and that my doorknob is brass, while all of the other hardware silver. Of course it's different. Mine is the only one designed to lock someone in as opposed to keeping strangers out. I turn to Jeremy nervously, fingering my key as I try to figure out what to do.

I am out of practice, and unsure of my level of control. I feel panic grip my chest, the hallway entirely too small, the warmth and scent of his body, right there, and all I have to do is reach out and we will touch.

He leans against the opposite wall, his posture loose and relaxed, as far away from me as he can reasonably be, my tension easing slightly at the move. "Thank you," he says softly. "For the date."

I blush, the words ones I should have thought to say. I am out of practice, but am fairly sure that the girl typically thanks the man, especially when he foots the bill for half the menu. "Thank you."

"I'd like to kiss you, if you're comfortable with that."

I hesitate. This is stupid. We spent three days together, two weeks ago, our bodies wrapped around each other during the night, his mouth on mine countless times during that period. I know his kiss, know that I want it—want more than just it. But two weeks ago—I was broken during that time, and he was healing me. Now, I am back to normal, and my urges are as strong as they've ever been. I worry over what will happen when he is that close, worry how my psychotic mind will handle the experience. Whether it will slink to the background and lie low, allowing me to enjoy the experience. Or, if it will bare its teeth and come out to play. I drop my keys on the floor and hold out my hands. "Could you hold me still? Just in case." I avoid his eyes when I say the words, my gaze fixated on my wrists, outstretched and waiting for his touch. Then I feel him step closer, see his strong hands wrap, one wrist in each hand, and pull.

He drags me forward, his hands spreading mine and swinging them around my body, till they are joined at the small of my back, the new position bringing his body flush to mine, his arms wrapped around me, my face in the crook of his neck, his breath quickening as he walks us backward till our hands hit my door and his body pins me to it.

It is too much, the rush of sensations. Sensations that I have forgotten, either intentionally or through neglect. The hard press of hips against mine, the hard brush of him against the thin material of my dress, one leg sliding in between and spreading my legs, my pelvis grinding, without thought, on his thigh, the movement causing a quick intake of breath to hiss through his lips.

"Deanna…" He whispers my name as he lowers his mouth, and there is a brief moment of quiet as our lips pause, inches from each other.

"Like this?" he whispers, and all I can do is nod a response.

The need. It is stronger than my blood lust; it is overriding any thought in my head. I want this man so bad. I want him alive, and I want him to fill me with that life, that sweetness.

Our mouths meet and I taste the sweet flavor of a mint, feel the rough brush of a tongue against mine, and lose any thought in the sweet clash of restrained lust.


House Arrest Countdown: 3 Months

TWENTY-TWO MONTHS. MARCUS has spent twenty-two months locked away like an animal. Surrounded by the dregs of society, half of them too stupid to understand the confines of the situation they were in. Almost two years in a place where he'd had to shit five feet from a felon. Far too long. For a man of his standing, with no priors, weak evidence… the five-year sentence had been ludicrous. The fact that it had taken his attorneys twenty-two months to get him out of there—unacceptable.

But now he is free and the bitching can wait until Monday. Now, at 6:14 p.m. on a Friday night, he stands on the pavement outside of the prison and breathes free air. Air that, on this side of the chain link, tastes different. It is filled with hope. Rebirth. Never again will he step inside that fence. Never again will he feel the grip of confinement around his wrists.

He had been stupid.


Made mistakes he will not repeat. He will think more, act less. Be smarter.

Marcus steps toward the waiting car, the sleek Bentley radiating the reflecting sun rays like a beacon to his soul. The bracelet, heavy on his right ankle, reminding him of the three months of supervision ahead of him.

The door opens and he leans over. Grins into the waiting face of his attorney. "I'll bitch at you next week about how long that took. For now, let's go celebrate."

Doors click, hugs are exchanged in the awkward space of the car, and then the attorney leans forward, overriding his suggestion with a few tossed words to the driver.

"Come on," Marcus growls. "I've been locked up and fed dog food. Jacked off to visions of a porterhouse so bloody it'll stain my teeth."

"Easy Marcus." The thin man shoots him a look. "Watch what you say."

"Shit. Everyone lost their sense of humor while I was gone?"

There is silence in the car for a moment and he realizes how crude his words sounded. He went into prison a gentleman, had come out an animal. He pulls at the collar of his prison-issued shirt, a cheap material that now feels normal. First thing, when he gets inside, he'll change. Take a shower in his stone grotto and scrub the scent of criminals away. Pull on a thousand-dollar suit and remember what it feels like to be a man. Remember what clean fingernails feel like. What fresh fruit, quality meats taste like. Remember what being a human entails. What being Marcus Renza, one of Florida's biggest landholders, entitles him to.

An hour later, the car turns, the secured gates of his neighborhood passing by, and his mouth turns downward slightly. Trading razor wire for iron gates. Prison guards for an anklet. One prison for another. But three months of house arrest will be easy compared to what he has just undergone. Three months of having his house, his bed, his staff. Meals prepared twenty-four hours a day. A pool, gym, and tennis courts on his property. His office. Real estate holdings to review, employees to kick back into line, respect to regain after two years away. Work would distract. Work had always distracted.

Yes, three months will be easy. He watches a woman jog past, her sweat making the yellow sports bra she wears hug wet and tight to her curves. His hand stops its drum on the armrest, his neck tensing as he fights the urge to turn and see the curves of her ass, to watch her retreat.

Fuck. Maybe it won't be that easy. It's been so long.


JEREMY'S KISS PUSHES for more, his hips pressing me against the door, his hands pulling my wrists down slightly, causing my chest to arch into his, my head to come back, my mouth to break from his for a moment. When his lips return, they are soft, barely brushing across my mouth, a tease that I need more of, and he pushes forward and deepens the kiss, my mouth greedy in its response. I am restrained, his hard leg between mine, my dress pushed up, the rough feel of his jeans rubbing a delicious friction against my thin panties. A small sound escapes my lips and it breaks him, his left hand taking over my wrists, wrapping them both in his strong grip, his right running smoothly up my leg, slipping under my dress and moving upward till it hits my hip.

I struggle against his restraint, wanting to run my hands through his hair, lift up his shirt, travel over the lines of his abs, dip my hands under the waist of his jeans, and feel the heat of his bare skin under my palms. His thumb rubs a delicious pattern on my inner thigh, and I lift my leg higher, wrapping it around his body and gripping him to me. His mouth is perfect, not too pushy, taking his time and enjoying my mouth while turning every knob on my body to full-fledged arousal. Then he withdraws, gives me one soft brush of his lips before releasing my hands and stepping back, my leg arguing, pulling at him before giving up and joining my other, my body slumped against the door, my eyes on Jeremy, questions pushing at my mouth but none yet spilling out.

"Good night."

"Good night?" I sputter. This is unexpected. My ego may be overinflated from webcam chats with fifty-year-old men and confused transvestites, but I'm used to being sought after, ten hours of my day spent virtually between the sheets with strangers. Now, with a flesh-and-blood man in front of me… I get a kiss and a "good night."

He glances at his watch. "You told me to have you inside by seven."

The elevator picks that time to groan, a loud rumble that will turn into a screech, the laborious journey just noisy enough to make its occupants wonder if this will be the trip that doesn't take, if this will be the moment that it settles into place and says "Fuck you, I'm not moving another foot." It does make the climb, and I tense as I watch the doors open. Another view I have never seen. This long hall, and the motion of the doors. I've heard them a thousand times, always envisioned the bodies that step off, the looks on their faces, the scent of their skin. A figure shuffles off, and I feel a moment of recognition at the scrawny build, previous sightings distorted by my peephole. A pale hand swipes at short dark hair, the man shifting the backpack higher as he glances at us from down the hall.

"You're barking up the wrong tree," he calls out, his voice bouncing off filthy walls as he moves closer. "She won't open that door."

I smile at the voice, non-muffled without the door between us, and glance at Jeremy to see if he understands the man's comment. His face surprises me. Tense, his back leaving the wall, his posture stiff as he straightens. I have forgotten that he knows Simon, that they have bitched countless times over the package of pills that he delivers monthly.

Simon pauses, a hitch in his step, when he is ten feet away, his eyes warily recognizing Jeremy. "Oh. Hey, man."

Jeremy says nothing, nodding at him in acknowledgment of the greeting.

The druggie's gaze jumps left, and stares me up and down, his eyes taking their time. "What—delivery boy bring you to see the freak show?" he cackles. "I've got stuff a lot more exciting in my place. If you want…" He steps closer, smiling, and I see Jeremy's fists clench.

I smile brightly, using the young innocent smile, the one that my clients love, the one that dissolves all tension and puts them all at ease. He moves closer and I jump into action, bringing my knee up quickly, into the soft flesh between his sweatpanted legs, the hard impact causing his eyes to tightly close, his torso doubling over as all air leaves his chest in one brittle exhale. He wheezes and I bring my forearm up, under his chin, and press hard, pushing him back against the wall, my four-inch heels putting us at eye level with each other. "Hi Simon," I drawl, watching his eyes jump to mine, a hesitant recognition at my voice in their red-rimmed depths. "Welcome to the freak show."


JEREMY PULLS ME off. Not that it is really necessary. I have no weapon on me. My knee-to-the-crotch move is pretty much the only move I have—and it's been in my repertoire since middle school, back when a properly timed middle finger was just as argumentatively effective. Had Simon not been surprised, not still been overcome from the assault on his nuts, I wouldn't have been able to push him back, to get my forearm under his chin and hard against his throat. He was already recovering when Jeremy pulled me off, already gaining his wits and understanding the situation before him. A few seconds later, he would have pushed me off. So I'm glad Jeremy stepped in. Saved my credibility while still letting me feel like a badass.

Jeremy moves before me, glancing at my face. "Are you okay?"

Are you okay? An outside observer would think he was being protective, was asking if I was hurt, or offended, or any other manner of state that would send a knight in shining armor rushing to my aid. But I know what he is asking. He is asking if I am under control. If that show of violence was a spark that will lead to a full-blown forest fire. I feel a buzz of warmth that he understands. That he appreciates what is possible.

I look at Simon, whose expression sits somewhere between incredulity and admiration, most likely in relation to my looks over my barely there ass-kicking abilities. "Nine o'clock?"

He nods, looking down. "Yeah. Sorry about the… Yeah. Nine. I'll be here." He stumbles sideways, avoiding the glowering stare of Jeremy, and hurries down the hall, the jingle of keys announcing his arrival at his apartment door.

Jeremy swears under his breath and reaches for my hand, grabs the key ring I loosely hold, and jams the aluminum piece into the lock, twisting and pushing until the knob gives way. Then he pushes open the door and steps inside.

"What happened to good night?" I ask, my feet still in the hall, my arms crossed as I watch him wait, his hand impatiently holding the door open for me.

"Get in, please. Before that piece of shit comes back."

I grin at his tone, which is more of a growl than enunciated speech, enjoying the pained look on his face and move past him, tossing my bag to the side, enjoying the look of it falling to the floor. I am normal. I go out and come home and toss my purse casually on the floor.

"And stop looking so happy," he continues. "That punk is dangerous."

"Happy is not a bad thing. And Simon is harmless. He's not going to bite the hand that feeds him."

"He didn't know what you looked like before."

I shrug, sitting on my bed, and unstrap my heels, my feet aching. I watch him, facing the door as if he expects it to open, a frown on his face. "Your protectiveness is cute, but I'll be fine." More than fine. In fact, I am fingers-crossed hoping Simon will walk back down the hall and knock on my door before he locks me in, will try to talk his way inside. I am suddenly anxious for Jeremy to leave, hoping he will scamper on so that I can unlock my safe, pull out my knives, and have time to sharpen them just in case. I close my eyes, tighten my fists, and try to block out the thoughts. Try to think of something other than how easy it would be to kill my keeper. How easy it would be to throw out the possibilities and take action into my own hands. Walk to Simon's door instead of hoping he'll open mine. Put my heels back on and saunter down that hall, my stiletto knife hidden in my purse. He'd open the door. Open the door, welcome me in, and then see what the true meaning of "freak show" was. The freak show would be my redecoration of his apartment with his blood. His skin growing cold under my hands as blood drained from his body. My eyes flip open when I feel a hand on my shoulder, the touch startling me.

"Are you okay?" Jeremy's eyes flit from my face to my hands, my fists clenched so tightly that the skin is white.

I nod, releasing my fists, flexing my hands, and shaking them loose. I try to focus on his face, to listen to the words that he is saying, but I can't hear anything, the roar in my head increasing as I think of Simon, of the interest in his eyes—my opening—the possibilities that Jeremy's presence is inhibiting. The roar subsides a bit when I meet his eyes, distracted by the flicker of desire in their depths. Desire. Very different from my own, but present just the same. I clench my fist, draw in a shuddering breath, and spit out the words before my want to kill buries the possibility. "Kiss me. Now."


THERE IS NOT a moment of hesitation in his response. I think he moves before I even finish the order, his hand sweeping up to move my hair aside, to cup my face, his lips on mine, my body falling back against the bed. He is above me, the weight of his body warm on mine, and it is different. Completely different from our previous nights of cuddles and comfort. This is raw, needy heat, thoughts of Simon obliterated by the assault of sensations that are suddenly barraging my brain. I close my eyes and let him in. Let his mouth kiss my lips and his body settle atop mine, my legs instinctively spreading, wrapping around his waist, pulling him tighter into my body.

My virginity suddenly sits up and takes notice.

It is funny how a mind works. Three minutes takes me from killing to lusting to debating. Why am I still a virgin? There is no morality front that is keeping my legs bound. It has really been more of a question of opportunity. I made it to age nineteen by blind luck, then imprisoned myself for three years. Jeremy is the first person I've kissed since then.

Is tonight the night? The night that I say good-bye to my v-card? Some would say I lost it a long time ago. Lost it the first time I pushed a plastic dick through the thin hymen, the small bit of blood causing the irritated client to accuse me of being on my period. Little did he know that he was my first. That he witnessed a pivotal moment in that six-minute Internet chat. A chat I'm pretty sure he requested a refund for.

I push against Jeremy's chest, breaking our kiss, his ragged breath matching my own, a question in his eyes when he looked down at me.

"No sex."

"Okay." He shrugs. "I didn't bring protection." He lowers his mouth to me as if my statement is no big deal, as if he isn't straining against his zipper, the ridge of him obvious as he grinds against my body, my thin panties letting me feel every inch of his want. I run my hands down his body, tugging up on his polo, dragging the material up and over his head, his mouth reluctantly letting go of me long enough to dip out of the shirt.


  • "One of the most eagerly anticipated sequels of the year, Do Not Disturb is every bit as twisted and exciting as its predecessor.... If you enjoy your thrillers intensely raw, dark and unusual, look no further. Torre is captivating."—RT Book Reviews on Do Not Disturb
  • "It's not for the feint hearted, granted, but A.R Torre does an incredible job of taking a sensitive subject matter and telling a compelling and thought provoking story... The Girl in 6E is definitely worth a peek.—Jodi Ellen Malpas, #1 New York Times and Sunday Times bestselling author on The Girl in 6E
  • "An incredible debut. Gritty, unique, primal, full of angst, oddly feminist, and right up my alley. The Girl in 6E deviates from formulaic romance to deliver something truly special and worthy of praise and attention. A dark soul like me isn't often surprised by controversy or taboo subject matter, but this book delivers and I'll be reading more A.R. Torre books in the future. Kudos!"—CJ Roberts, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of The Dark Duet
  • "Dark, edgy, and thrilling in a completely unexpected way."—Lisa Renee Jones, New York Times bestselling author of The Inside Out series
  • "A.R. Torre's The Girl in 6E lifts the veil on the dark, erotic world of camming, but the book contains so many more surprises than that. At the novel's core, a tender heart beats, and the increasingly suspenseful pages fly by as its deepest secrets are revealed. This is a taut, edgy, thrill ride, powerfully gripping and impossible to turn away from."—David Bell, author of Never Come Back and Cemetery Girl
  • "The Girl in 6E is uniquely twisted and captivates from the beginning. The premise is entirely original, as are the characters and the pacing. The main character may be a cold killer, but inside is a woman with a soul who sacrifices everything to keep from unleashing herself on the world.... Torre has written a beautifully warped thriller that will be staying with this reviewer for a long time to come."—RT Book Reviews, Top Pick! (4.5 Stars)
  • "A taut thriller unlikes any suspense novel today."—The Quincy Herald-Whig on The Girl in 6E

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