I Want to Be a Teacher Activity Book: Math and Science Worksheets

Prepare your little ones for learning in the classroom environment with the I Want to Be a Teacher Activity Book.

My kiddos are in elementary school now, but I still remember their first day of preschool and the jitters (mine maybe more than theirs?) when they started—new teachers, new routines, new EVERYTHING.

Teacher Illustration by Jannie Ho.

Looking for a fun way to keep the jitters at bay? Whether just starting preschool or heading to kindergarten for the first time, the I Want to Be a Teacher Activity Book provides little ones with everything they need to put themselves at the front of a pretend classroom, just like their (soon-to-be) favorite teacher.

Free math and science worksheet download.

Jam-packed with colorfully illustrated worksheets (like these), report cards, attendance sheets, library cards, reward stickers, and bulletin board signs, kids will find everything they need to outfit their play classroom and conduct classes for each other and their stuffed animals.

Zoe and Lydia at preschool graduation (where does the time go?).

Plus, they’ll get waaaayyyyy more than just hours of creative fun—they will be laying the foundation for success in math, science, and more through hands-on play!

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Text and worksheets excerpted and adapted from I Want to Be a Teacher Activity Book © Storey Publishing. Illustrations © Jannie Ho. Additional article text and photo © Kimberly Thompson Panay.

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