Camp (Book) Crushes

Pack up your marshmallows, graham crackers, and favorite books, kids, because we’re going to CAMP LBYR! (Sigh, if only that was a real thing… we’d make friendship bracelets, eat s’mores, stalk (I mean… observe) our crushes, and read read read!)

Summer camp is an overall magical place where memories are made. For example, once I was hiking with two friends (all of us former Girl Scouts) and we felt very confident that we could follow the trails of upstate New York. But soon the sun began to set, and our internal compasses were not as strong as we thought they were. We soon descended into panic, thinking we were going to get eaten by bears. We called 911 and were rescued by two wonderful and exasperated park rangers who we took selfies with. AH, MEMORIES!!!

So after your long days of canoeing, hiking, rehearsing, (and hopefully not getting lost) snuggle up in your tent or cabin with one of these cozy reads!