Storey – Finding Good Farmland Assessment Forms

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Finding Good Farmland Assessment Forms

Finding Good Farmland assessment forms will guide you in gathering information about the land you are considering and ultimately help you settle on the right farm for you.

Click the links below to download the Finding Good Farmland assessment forms you need. The forms are set up to fit letter-sized paper, and will print on most standard home and office printers.

Chapter One
Location: How Connected Must I Be? Connection Assessment Form

Chapter Two
Water: How Good Is the Water? Water Assessment Form

Chapter Three
Good Land: Is This Land Farmable? Farmability Assessment Form

Chapter Four
Buildings and Utilities This Farm’s Infrastructure Infrastructure Assessment Form

Chapter Five 
Neighbors and the Neighborhood: What Are the Neighbors Up to? Land Use Assessment Form

Chapter Six 
Government Regulations and Services:What Are the Regulations and Requirements? Regulations and Requirements Assessment Form

Chapter Seven 
Financing a Farm Financial Worksheet Financial Assessment Form

Chapter Eight
Alternative Ways to Get onto Land: What Else Can I Do? Alternative Options Assessment Form