Sarah Smierciak

About the Author

Sarah Smierciak is a freelance political economy analyst and is working on her first documentary.
Her projects, centering on globalization and the Middle East, find her often in Cairo and other Egyptian locations, as well as elsewhere in the neighborhood. With a camera and pen always at hand, Sarah's goal is to capture the lifestyles and challenges of everyday people in this rapidly changing world.
She studied history and Middle East Studies at Northwestern University before completing an MPhil in International Development and DPhil in Middle East Studies at the University of Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship. She spent 2016-2017 in Turkey on a Fulbright Fellowship where she worked with Syrian and Iraqi communities in Istanbul.
In her spare time, Sarah competes globally in marathons and triathlons, including events in France, Turkey, Mexico and the US. She speaks fluent Arabic, Spanish and English, and stumbles through Turkish.

By the Author