Ross Rayburn

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Ross Rayburn is Peloton’s Lead Instructor, Yoga and Meditation. During his long career as an in-demand internationally travelling yoga teacher and in his many popular yoga and meditation classes available in person in New York City and on the Peloton app, Ross has worked with countless high-profile people, including professional athletes, actors, politicians, CEOs, newscasters, and journalists. He has taught over 50 therapeutic trainings to hundreds of teachers and students, including physical therapists and medical doctors. Known for his empathetic, inclusive, creative, and lighthearted approach to spirituality, Ross has many devoted students and fans who have had transformative experiences in his classes. Ross lives in New York City with his husband, the choreographer Christopher Wheeldon. 

Eve Adamson is an eleven-time New York Times bestselling collaborator and multiple award-winning writer. 

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