Gidon Lev

About the Author

Gidon Lev was born Petr Wolfgang Löw in 1935 in Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) in the former Czechoslovakia. Father of six and grandfather of fifteen, he now lives in northern Israel with his life partner of many years, Julie Gray.

Julie Gray was born in 1964 in the San Joaquin Valley in California and grew up in Mount Shasta. In 2012, she moved to Tel Aviv and founded the Tel Aviv Writer’s Salon. Julie’s writing can be found in the Times of Israel, Moment Magazine, the Huffington Post, the Jewish Journal the New YorkPost and many other publications. A passionate believer in the power of storytelling, Julie has volunteered with the Afghan Women’s Writing Project, the Middle East Peace Initiative, USAID, Kids for Peace, and Amnesty International.  In 2017, Julie met Gidon Lev and has been writing and creating content about his story of hope ever since. 

By the Author