Catherine Galasso-Vigorito

About the Author

Catherine Galasso-Vigorito‘s nationally syndicated weekly column, “A New You,” has endeared her to readers across the country for over fifteen years. Known for her warm engaging style and moving stories, Galasso-Vigorito is America’s most beloved inspirational columnist. She has been hailed as a voice of faith who can uplift, encourage and comfort her readers, inspiring them to a better life.

Thousands of readers have reported, “I cut out your column and mail it to friends and family across the country,” “I feel as if you were writing this just for me,” and even . . . “You saved my life.” Her first book, A New You: Words to Soothe the Mind, Body and Spirit, has been embraced by thousands, touching the hearts of people from every walk of life.

In addition, Catherine was featured on television and radio where she inspired viewers and listeners with her own segment called, “A New You,” and also worked as an account executive for Clear Channel Communications. With her years of experience in television, radio and in business in general, fueled the fires of her entrepreneurial spirit. Today, this busy mom is the founder and Chief Operating Officer of her own company, A New You Worldwide LLC, developing and designing inspirational products that carry on her messages of hope and inspiration. She makes her home on the East Coast with her husband and three young daughters.

By the Author