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If You Love Gilmore Girls, Read These Books

Is this cozy fall weather making you wish you were drinking a cup of coffee in Stars Hollow? If you’re looking for the warm nostalgia of a Gilmore Girls episode, you’re going to love these books. If, like Lorelai, you like the fall because “the whole world changes color,” then pick up one of these fall reads. Like Gilmore Girls, they’re full of charming small towns, feel-good friendships, family, and love stories.


City Girl, Country Vet is the perfect small-town book to pick up for a day of cozy reading this fall. Love and work just don’t mix. No one knows that better than veterinarian Maz Harwood, who had to learn that lesson the hard way. Now a heartbroken Maz is desperate for a change of scenery. So when her best friend from vet school asks her to look after her practice in the English countryside for six months, Maz sees this as the perfect opportunity. But country life isn’t as simple as Maz thought it would be, and the locals aren’t welcoming. Will Maz be able to keep her friend’s business afloat… and find love again?


A Secret History of Witches is the story of an ancient and dangerous magic that has been handed down from mother to daughter over several generations, from early 19th century Brittany to London during the Second World War. When Grandmére Ursule gives her life to save her people, it seems like the magic dies with her. But out of respect for tradition, her family continues to practice the spells and rites of the Old Faith. But everything changes when Ursule’s granddaughter steps into the circle, and magic returns.


Witchful Thinking is a book that gives off fun fall vibes and cozy small-town vibes, while also being totally witchy (which is perfect for fall too). Freya Grove is a seaside town where charms, hexes, and magical beings are totally normal. Lucinda Carraway is a high school history teacher who spends her evenings reading tea leaves and tending to her conjure garden. Everything is great in Freya Grove, but Lucinda can’t help wishing for more. Then one night that wish turns into a spell, and suddenly Lucy can’t say no to anything. Not to public karaoke. Not to running a 10k. And not to her high school crush, Alexander Dwyer, who needs her help unjinxing his new house.


Cate Woods’ The Inn at Tansy Falls is a feel-good story about starting over. Nell Swift and Megan Shaw were always the best of friends. When Megan dies of cancer, she leaves a message for her dear friend, requesting that her ashes be spread in her hometown of Tansy Falls. Megan asks her friend to take in the small town and embrace the experience. Because before Nell knows it, that little Vemont town of Tansy Falls might just start to feel like home.


Meredith Maggs has not left her home in 1214 days. Still, she’s able to keep herself busy. She has a full-time job she works remotely. She has her online shopping. Her best friend Sadie visits with her two kids. And then there’s her rescue cat Fred. But Meredith can’t stay hidden forever, and whether she likes it or not, the outside world will still be knocking at her door. Will Meredith be able to come to terms with her past trauma and overcome what’s been keeping her indoors all this time? Meredith, Alone is a touching, heartwarming story of overcoming trauma and learning how to live again on one’s own terms (with the help of some very good friends).

Emily Martin has a PhD in English from the University of Southern Mississippi. She’s a contributing editor at Book Riot and blogs/podcasts at Book Squad Goals.