Hosting a Valentine’s/Galentine’s Dinner? These Cookbooks Will Make Your Guests Swoon

Valentine’s Day can be a stressful time for anyone. For couples, it could heat up the pressure to impress your significant other. For singles, it could have you scrambling to make plans or gather all your other single pals together to feel less alone. If you’re planning on hosting, these cookbooks can help bring a formal, elegant dinner, like dishes from The French Laundry, into your own home or provide inspirations on TikTok trends like board night. And if you’re not planning to host, what better way to show an act of self-love than by cooking something special for yourself that you’ll be able to bring beyond this one day. Whether you’re single or not, the focus will be less on your relationship status and more on indulging these treats that will surely please any palate.


Food writer Kaori Becker brings easy-to-follow techniques for these popular and adorable treats. Recipes include fillings like rosewater, Nutella, and black sesame. But not all the flavors are sweet. There are also savory goodies like bacon-wrapped mochi and there’s inspiration to create charming shapes like pandas and baby chicks. Whether you want to make it for others or save them all for yourself, these treats will definitely be a highlight on Valentine’s Day.


Valentine’s Day is about to reach a whole new level with this cookbook that will teach readers how to master the classic Martini or crowd favorite Margarita. A great activity that you can do with a significant other, your friends, or even just by yourself, is learning how to make your favorite drinks. These recipes will equip you and your group with the knowledge of liquor fundamentals and the tools to make these easy cocktails anytime.


In this cookbook, you can have your cake and eat it too. Southern baker extraordinaire Elizabeth Karmel pairs steak and cake for a universally loved meal that makes every occasion special. Ever thought about having Cowboy Steak with Whiskey Butter followed by a Whiskey Buttermilk Bundt Cake? How about a Prime New York Strip Steak Roast and Chocolate Layer Cake? These fun pairings will bring surprise and delight to help you discover just how luscious and indulgent steak and cake can be.

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