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10 Books to Satisfy Your Inner Mulan

Listen, there is a Mulan inside all of us. She’s that part of you that will always make it to the appointment—even if it means charging through half-decimated streets on your horse with straw in your hair. She’s the part of you that takes a lightning strike of inspiration and turns it into something amazing, like the take-down of an entire army with a single cannon and some snow. And, of course, she’s the part of you that hugs the emperor because, why not?

And obviously, your Inner Mulan deserves books. She deserves books about dastardly plots (because she’s probably desperate to see how she would solve them). She deserves books about magic and creatures and books where the two entwine, (to know she’s not the only one who has to deal with a loudmouth of a dragon for a spirit guide). She deserves books about home (because sometimes she misses it, maybe more than she’s willing to admit). But most of all, she deserves books about people who are like her, too: rogue runaways who are brave, talented, and who don’t always fit in—sometimes not even in the skin they were born in.

So, let’s give them to her! Here are ten books to satisfy your Inner Mulan.