New to Elin Hilderbrand Novels? Start Here.

Rule #1: Schedule some time

I have no way of knowing which of Elin’s titles you’ll pick first, but I do know that you won’t be able to put it down. Elin’s stories are fast-paced and her writing style is light and addictive. You may want to apologize in advance to your loved ones who will just have to understand your temporary absence.


Rule #2: Fiction will feel real

While the book covers might look like just another light, fluffy beach read, and many of her characters are rich and famous, her writing style is quick and witty and her characters are relatable, with real-world problems and flaws. More importantly, Elin’s plots tend to be peppered with relevant contemporary issues: cancer diagnosis, pharmaceutical addiction, white collar crimes, etc.


Rule #3: Elin will not be pigeonholed

Unimaginative people sometimes refer to Elin as a women’s fiction writer. But after reading any one of her books, you will understand that she is a fiction writer. No gender qualifier needed, thank you very much. Both men and women will appreciate her novels. In fact, her novels are often told from the point of view of a male character. Take that, sexism!


Rule #4: Wine it up

Every Elin book is a love letter to wine, so make sure to pair each read with a character’s choice of vino. (Psst: I made this easy for you, check out the suggestions below.) Not a wine lover? A cool glass of lemonade or a warm mug of hot chocolate (depending on the season) are also good pairing options.