The Color of Calm

90 Coloring Pages to Bring You Peace of Mind


By Workman Publishing

Illustrated by Yuliia Bahniuk

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Find your inner calm, your way, with this charming pocket-sized coloring book, packed with 90 pages of patterns and illustrations designed to shut out the noise and create peace of mind.

You can feel it through your colored pencil, getting lost in an immersive pattern, bringing a flower to life. All the while slipping into a place of pleasurable quiet and peace. A visual love letter to the spirit of serenity, The Color of Calmoffers page after page of intricate patterns and soothing scenes—a cozy fireplace, a cat curled up on a rug, afternoon tea—all designed to help you put your busy life on pause. With colored pencil or marker in hand, you’ll find yourself breathing deeper, becoming refreshed, and—voilà—making something beautiful, something that’s just yours.

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Mar 5, 2024
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Workman Publishing

Workman Publishing

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