Astrology Wall Calendar 2025

Guidance from the Stars for 2025


By Workman Calendars

By Kirsten McKinzie Ross

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Gain inspiration from the stars, for this year, for your future.
Featuring stunningly mystical and beautifully original images of the zodiac, every month focuses on its primary astrological sign and includes detailed horoscopes for all twelve. The images offer celestial symbolism and a dreamlike atmosphere, while the horoscopes provide motivation and guidance, highlighting key astrological events, planetary positions, and moon phases. No matter your sign, this calendar helps the universe’s light shine through you all year long. 

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Aug 6, 2024
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28 pages

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About the Author

Rob Battles is Senior Vice President of Creative Services for Rainbow, a cable network company.

Harry Prichett is a former member of Chicago City Limits and the creator of the off-off-Broadway one-man show, Work=Pain=Success.

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Kirsten McKinzie Ross

About the Author

Kirsten McKinzie Ross (@MidnightMoonVisuals) is a California-based fine artist whose work explores themes of astrology, moonology, spirituality, and the Sacred Feminine. Drawing inspiration from the lunar cycles, celestial events, and her dreams, Kirsten weaves together digital collage art pieces that explore mystical realms and the metaphysical—and encourage viewers to think introspectively and to connect with their own inner magic.

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