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Madame Fromage's Adventures in Cheese

How to Explore It, Pair It, and Love It, from the Creamiest Bries to the Funkiest Blues

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Cheese expert and writer Tenaya Darlington (aka Madame Fromage) offers a complete—and completely fun—illustrated education in all things cheese: how it's made, how to serve and pair it, how to talk cheese like a pro, the 25 must-try cheeses for your bucket list, and much more.

In Madame Fromage's Adventures in Cheese, cheese expert and writer Tenaya Darlington (aka Madame Fromage) guides us through the fascinating and often confusing world of cheeses in a  compulsively readable, comprehensive illustrated primer—one that has a sense of humor, and that knows its stuff but feels not at all stuffy. Voice-y, approachable, and fun, the book offers an engaging, lighthearted education in all things cheese. Part 1 (Discover) covers the basics, from “Madame Fromage’s Template for a Great Cheese Board” to “All About Milk.” Part 2 (Explore) is packed with cheese board “itineraries” that focus on a particular style or family, emphasizing taste and texture rather than provenance (think “stinky” or “fresh” cheeses rather than “from the Loire Valley”). Madame Fromage offers an overview of the style family and how it’s made, seasonal information, buying tips, maker profiles, surprising pairing suggestions, and much more. Part 3 (Entertain) has shopping, sharing, and serving tips for the eager gatherer and dinner-party thrower, as well as how to taste cheese like a pro (that is, using the "Yoga Breath of Cheese" technique). Finally, in Part 4 (Keep Learning), we’re given an atlas of all things lactic: festivals, reading lists, classes, knives and tools, and even “Twenty Wild Cheeses to Explore Around the World.” Rounded out with a Dairy Dossier–an at-a-glance reference to the hundreds of cheeses mentioned throughout–this opinionated and beautifully illustrated book will be the perfect gift for every cheese lover.

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“Fun, fascinating, and beautifully written… If you've ever found yourself lost in a cheese shop, Madame Fromage is the perfect guide to help you find your way to cheese nirvana.”  —Patrick McGuigan, author of The Philosophy of Cheese

“A worldly romp—the ultimate ‘how to enjoy cheese’ tome.”  —Allison Hooper, cofounder, Vermont Creamery

“Tenaya Darlington takes us on a creative journey that captivates and invigorates the palate. She has turned the sometimes daunting world of cheese into something fun and exciting!”  —Joe Beddia, author of Pizza Camp

"Madame Fromage has been my cheese guru for years—I am one of her “curd nerds”—and Tenaya's new book may be her best yet. Informative, thorough, with gorgeous illustrations. But the real thrill here is the wonderful writing, the way Tenaya’s descriptions bring these cheeses to life. This is cheese writing on the level with great wine or travel writing. No one writes about cheese better than Tenaya does."  —Jason Wilson, author of Godforsaken Grapes and Boozehound, and creator of the Everyday Drinking newsletter.

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