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By Sonnet

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The shocking and illuminating memoir of an anonymous submissive immersed in the BDSM community, reckoning with the divide between our desires and the expectations and strictures that keep us from pursuing them. 

Sonnet is a writer. She is a professional with a wide network of important people. She is athletic, creative and successful. She always remembers to send Christmas cards.
Sonnet also likes to be caned. She likes to be humiliated. She likes to go into a room blindfolded with ten strangers and have them do whatever they want to her.
Sonnet likes whatever you tell her she likes.
This is the secret memoir of a submissive. A vivid, electric, stunning account of how one woman gets her kicks. It is all true.
This is an experience that can’t be missed, all we ask is that you SUBMIT…

  • “There’s a beautiful irony at the heart of this book. Because Sonnet’s story is not really about submission, it’s about resistance - the heroic refusal to live a life that was meant for somebody else.”
    Keiran Goddard, author of Hourglass and I See Buildings Fall Like Lightning
  • "This book gave me an insight into a world I know very little about. It’s eye-opening, jaw-dropping and also inspiring. I love how Sonnet follows her desires with a spirit of adventure and fun. Nothing is shamed and nothing is off limits. It made me want to be bolder and braver. A liberating read."
    Marianne Power, author of global bestseller Help Me!
  • "I've never read a book like SUBMIT before — and I think you'd struggle to find one. It's so extremely honest, but the beautiful light-touch writing and humour make it more than just an open account of kink and bdsm. It's wise, funny, thoughtful, and searing in the hot sense of the word. If you feel seen by this, it will be like a spotlight hitting you in the most pleasurable and exposing way; like stepping into a sunbeam from the dark. If I thought everyone could handle it, I'd say 'everyone should read it'...! I'm not sure we're there yet. But I think a lot of people should read it, and if you're wondering whether it might be for you, stop wondering. Read it." 
    Cassie Werber, author of Open Season

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Sep 17, 2024
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288 pages


About the Author

Sonnet is the pseudonym of a businesswoman based in London and New York.

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