Moonshadow #2: The Nightmare Ninja

Moonshadow #2: The Nightmare Ninja

The future of medieval Japan is at stake once again. A ruthless and power hungry warlord has set out to destroy Moonshadow, a young ninja spy, and his clan of ninja warriors, the Grey Light Order. Luckily, Moonshadow has Snowhawk, a powerful girl ninja and former rival, at his side. Together, they face bounty hunters, a vengeful gangster, and cunning agents from Snowhawk’s former clan. But their greatest enemy is a man who uses no weapons–a deadly ninja who enters his victims’ minds in their sleep!

Join Moonshadow and Snowhawk in this thrilling sequel to Rise of the Ninja!

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Genre: Children's Books / Juvenile Fiction / Sports & Recreation / Martial Arts

On Sale: June 12th 2012

Price: $6.99

Page Count: 384

ISBN-13: 9780316055345

What's Inside

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