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Israel and the United States

Six Decades of US-Israeli Relations

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Mar 6, 2012

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This unique volume intensively studies the nature and extent of US–Israeli relations, from 1948 through the Bush and Obama administrations. Leading experts in the field—including Israeli and North American scholars from a variety of political perspectives—contribute original essays on the principal political, religious, ethnic, military, economic, and juridical connections between the United States and Israel. Specific topics covered in this new book include: the pro-Israel lobby in the United States; the US Jewish community and its relations to Israel; evangelical Christians and Israel; military and economic ties between the United States and Israel; the threat of a nuclear Iran for both countries; and the impact of American jurisprudence on Israel. Section introductions from the editor effectively contextualize the issues and provide students with an in-depth understanding of the past, present, and future of the US–Israel relationship.

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“Robert O. Freedman's edited volume, Israel and the United States: Six Decades of U.S.-Israeli Relations, is a comprehensive effort to grasp the various nuances of U.S.-Israeli relations since 1948. It provides for an exhaustive and perceptive set of analyses by well-known specialists that informs and enriches the reader at multiple levels. The volume contends not merely with diplomatic and military connections, but also offers an understanding of the equation between the two allies in the spheres of economics and assistance, the legal system, public sentiments, religious and communal issues, and much more. The collection of essays enables the reader to construe the past, interpret the present and envisage the future of U.S.-Israel relations.” —Insight Turkey

"Despite the ups and downs in the US-Israel relationship, the close ties between the two countries is one of the few constants in the tumultuous Middle East. The relationship is complex and multifaceted, which is why a collection of essays by Israeli and American experts in very different fields is able to provide deep analysis of so many of the attributes of this relationship. And there are some real gems in this collection. Scholars and teachers will find Robert Freedman's edited collection Israel and the United States an invaluable resource."
Ronald W. Zweig, Taub Professor of Israel Studies, New York University
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