The Italian Lover

The Italian Lover

Margot Harrington’s memoir about her discovery in Florence of a priceless masterwork of Renaissance erotica–and the misguided love affair it inspired–is now, 25 years later, being made into a movie. Margot, with the help of her lover, Woody, writes a script that she thinks will validate her life. Of course their script is not used, but never mind–happy endings are the best endings for movies, as Margot eventually comes to see. At the former convent in Florence where “The Sixteen Pleasures”–now called “The Italian Lover,”–is being filmed, Margot enters into a drama she never imagined, where her ideas of home, love, art, and aging collide with the imperatives of commerce and the unknowability of other cultures and other people.
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Genre: Fiction / Fiction / Literary

On Sale: February 9th 2009

Price: $14.99

Page Count: 368

ISBN-13: 9780316117654

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