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The Attacker's Advantage

Turning Uncertainty into Breakthrough Opportunities

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Feb 24, 2015

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*A Wall Street Journal bestseller*

The forces driving today’s world of structural change create sharp bends in the road that can lead to major explosions in your existing market space. But exponential change also offers exponential opportunities. How do you leverage change to go on the offense? The Attacker’s Advantage is the game plan for winning in an era of ambiguity, volatility, and complexity, when every leader and every business is being challenged in new and unexpected ways.

Ram Charan, harnessing an unequalled depth and breadth of experience working with leaders and companies around the globe, provides tested, practical tools to help you:

Build the perceptual acuity to see around corners and detect, ahead of others, those forces — especially people, who are the catalysts of change — that could radically reshape a company or industry

Have the mindset to see opportunity in uncertainty

Commit to a new path forward despite the unknowns, positioning your business to make the next move ahead of competitors

Break the blockages that can hold your company back

Know when to accelerate and when to shift the short-term and long-term balance

Make your organization agile and steerable by aligning people, priorities, decision-making power, budgeting and capital allocation, and key performance indicators to the new realities of the marketplace

The Attacker’s Advantage provides a stark and simple challenge: stay in a legacy world of incremental gains or defensiveness, or be an attacker by creating a new world, scaling it up quickly, ahead of the traditional players.

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*A Wall Street Journal bestseller*

"Coping with structural uncertainty and radical shifts in business models means executives need the insight to see around corners and the courage to move beyond boundaries. Ram Charan shows what it takes to go on the attack."—Dominic Barton, Global Managing Director, McKinsey & Company

“An invaluable resource for anyone navigating the market's ever-changing but always taxing demands.” –Publishers Weekly

"[Charan] addresses the current turbulent business environment, cutting through the veil of complexity to concentrate on new customer needs and expectations and providing the tools for corporate leaders to take their companies to a higher level.”—Library Journal

"It is not enough for a sitting CEO-or any leader-to efficiently execute a successful strategy. As Ram points out you must be sufficiently alert to recognize early unfolding market disruptions. You need to be skilled not only in recognizing market changes but also in effectively transitioning the organization to exploit emerging opportunities. A must read for those leading companies in a tumultuous business environment." -Larry Bossidy, retired CEO and chairman of Honeywell International and coauthor of Execution and Confronting Reality
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