How to Have an Orgasm . . . As Often as You Want

Life Changing Secrets for Women and Their Partners

Trade Paperback / ISBN-13: 9781569243824

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ON SALE: March 28th 2005

Genre: Mind, Body, Spirit / Self-help / Sexual Instruction


It’s a simple and pleasant experience that millions of women struggle with on a regular basis: having an orgasm. After years of frustrating, orgasmless sex, Rachel Swift chose to confront the problem. She devised a remarkable plan to teach herself to have an orgasm — as often as she wanted. How to Have an Orgasm . . . As Often as You Want is her bestselling courageous, witty, and controversial guide that has successfully helped women throughout the world better understand how orgasms work and how to have more enjoyable, fulfilling sexual experiences — with or without the full cooperation of their partners. In clear, honest language focused on realities, not ideals, Swift covers all of the emotional and physical aspects involved in mastering the female orgasm, and offers straightforward steps for achieving it. This is essential reading for every woman who’s ever had trouble reaching orgasm and wants to find out how to transform her sex life forever.

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