Gardens of the High Line

Elevating the Nature of Modern Landscapes


By Piet Oudolf

By Rick Darke

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“If you can't get to the High Line. . . this is the next best thing.” —The Washington Post
Before it was restored, the High Line was an untouched, abandoned landscape overgrown with wildflowers. Today it’s a central plaza, a cultural center, a walkway, and a green retreat in a bustling city that is free for all to enjoy. This beautiful, dynamic garden was designed by Piet Oudolf, one of the world’s most extraordinary garden designers. Gardens of the High Line, by Piet Oudolf and Rick Darke, offers an in-depth view into the planting designs, plant palette, and maintenance of this landmark achievement. It reveals a four-season garden that is filled with native and exotic plants, drought-tol­erant perennials, and grasses that thrive and spread. It also offers inspiration and advice on recreating its iconic, naturalistic style. Featuring stunning photographs by Rick Darke and an introduction by Robert Hammond, the founder of the Friends of the High Line, this large-trim, photo-driven book is a must-have gem of nature of design.


  • “A wholly enchanting celebration of the transformation of one sliver of urban industrial landscape.” —Booklist starred review

    “Darke’s photos, taken from the park’s start to its end and at all times of day in all seasons, tell the story best. . . . Oudolf’s aesthetics and mastery of plants will engage gardeners, landscape designers, and city dwellers everywhere and inspire a new regard for the regeneration of abandoned spaces.” —Library Journal starred review

    “If you can't get to the High Line, the image-rich publication is the next best thing. In some ways, it's better, because its pictures bring home the seasonality of the plants. . . . pore through the book.” —The Washington Post

    Gardens of the High Line is exquisite, and a treat for regular High Line visitors and those who can only admire the space from afar. . . . a plant lover’s dream.” —NYBG’s Plant Talk

    “Provides a richly illustrated and informative tour through the total expanse of the High Line. . . . Whether you are a repeat visitor to this unique park or preparing for your initial tour, this book is an engaging and helpful guide. Studying its photographs made me eager to plan yet another visit. I’m willing to bet it will have the same effect on you.” —Gardenista​

    “The copious photographs are the book's glory.” —Choice starred review

    “The text is at its best when sharing practical design and horticultural insights.” —Gardens Illustrated

    “Let’s you see and learn from Manhattan’s High Line Park.” —Pacific Horticulture

    “A love letter to this remarkable garden.” —Smith Mountain Laker

    “A photo-driven account of Piet Oudolf’s planting designs for New York’s celebrated elevated linear garden. . . . this soft-backed, coffee-table book documents the sequence of its 13 distinct gardens. The photography owes much to Rick Darke’s knowledgeable plantsman’s eye. There’s no trickery with misty light or abstract close ups of flowers. Instead, the intricate planting palettes and their patterns are clearly legible.” —Gardens Illustrated UK

    “This lush, oversize paperback brings to life one of America’s most sought-after destinations.” —Hortus

    “One of the things the book captures so beautifully is what [the High Line] looks like through the seasons, and the different ways people use it throughout the seasons, and respond to it.” —Cultivating Place

    “Their book provides what has been missing from this crowd-generating park, a species-by-species detailing of the plants.” —Architectural Record

    “One of the most beautiful gardening books to cross my desk in recent years.” —Three Dogs in a Garden

    “A fine, insightful work. At first glance it has the air of a coffee table book, but this is a considered offering that will speak to anyone who has walked the garden.” —The English Garden

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Piet Oudolf

Piet Oudolf

About the Author

Piet Oudolf is among the world’s most innovative garden designers and a leading exponent of naturalistic planting, a style that takes inspiration from nature but employs artistic skill in creating planting schemes. Oudolf's extensive work over 30 years of practice includes public and private gardens all over the world. He is best known for his work on the High Line and Battery Park in New York, the Lurie Garden in Chicago's Millennium Park, and Potters Fields in London.

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Rick Darke

Rick Darke

About the Author

Rick Darke is a landscape design consultant, author, lecturer, and photographer based in Pennsylvania who blends art, ecology, and cultural geography in the creation and conservation of livable landscapes. His projects include scenic byways, public gardens, corporate and collegiate campuses, mixed-use conservation developments, and residential gardens. Darke served on the staff of Longwood Gardens for twenty years and received the Scientific Award of the American Horticultural Society. His work has been featured in the New York Times and on National Public Radio. Darke is recognized as one of the world's experts on grasses and their use in public and private landscapes. For further information visit

Doug Tallamy is a professor in the Department of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology at the University of Delaware, where he has authored 97 research publications and has taught insect-related courses for 40 years. Chief among his research goals is to better understand the many ways insects interact with plants and how such interactions determine the diversity of animal communities. Among his awards are the Garden Club of America Margaret Douglas Medal for Conservation and the Tom Dodd, Jr. Award of Excellence, the 2018 AHS B. Y. Morrison Communication Award, and the 2019 Cynthia Westcott Scientific Writing Award. Doug is author of Bringing Nature Home, Nature’s Best Hope, and The Nature of Oaks; and co-founder with Michelle Alfandari of HOMEGROWN NATIONAL PARK®. Learn more at 

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