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Imagine a world with no limits, one in which your wildest fantasies can, and do, come true. That’s exactly what the readers of Penthouse have done in this collection of pulse-quickening letters.

From sensual daydreams about hot coworkers to lusty fantasies of swashbuckling lotharios to couples’ racy role-playing, Penthouse readers prove that there is no end to their erotic imagination.


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When Penthouse readers aren't having the world's most amazing sex, they're thinking about it—and how their imaginations fly! In these erotic pages, you'll drop in on their decadent daydreams and most daring deeds. Join in the fun as waitresses service rockers, pirates dirty dance with ballerinas, screen sirens get wet with sailors, and farmers' daughters ride bikers very, very hard. These hot, lusty fantasies are the ultimate wet dreams…


Imagine a world with no limits, one in which your wildest fantasies can—and do—come true. That's exactly what the readers of Penthouse have done in this collection of pulse-quickening letters.

From sensual daydreams about hot coworkers to lusty fantasies of swashbuckling lotharios to couples' racy role-playing, Penthouse readers prove that there is no end to their erotic imagination. When they put pen to paper, they hold nothing back as they replay their favorite sex fantasies for you in breathtaking detail. Some of these tales—like the kinky three-way with a favorite neighbor—set the stage for their later real-life dalliances, while others push the limits of reality with amorous aliens and comic book heroines and create fantastic, lust-laden scenarios.

High-class hookers, booty-hunting buccaneers, saucy secretaries—it doesn't matter who stars in the show, because it's sure to be a sexy good time.

Barbara Pizio

Executive Editor

Penthouse Variations

Hollywood Magic—Femme Fatale Seduced by Tough Private Eye

I am a big movie fan, especially when it comes to those classic Hollywood oldies but goodies. Curled up in front of the TV with a big bowl of popcorn is probably my favorite way to spend an evening. In fact, it has always been my fantasy to be the leading lady in one of those grainy black-and-white film noirs, seduced by the gruff, hard-boiled detective. That's why I jumped at the chance when my boyfriend was sent on a business trip to Los Angeles and invited me to come along.

While Nick spent his days pent up in a stuffy office attending boring business meetings, I used the time to roam the landmarks of Hollywood. The first place I hit was Mann's Chinese Theatre, where I tried to fit my average-size feet into Elizabeth Taylor's tiny footprints. After that I had a quick lunch at Roscoe's; then it was off to the movie studios, where I planned to take a tour of the back lots before meeting Nick at Spago for a romantic dinner.

As the tram rode through sets designed to look like the streets of London, Texas, and ancient Rome, I imagined what it would be like to star in a classic Hollywood film. When we reached scenery depicting the seedy streets of New York City, my imagination kicked into full gear. I pictured myself as a femme fatale not unlike Joan Crawford or Barbara Stanwyck, my long brown hair set in rag curls and lips painted so dark that even filmed in black-and-white, you can tell that I am wearing bloodred lipstick. I am walking along a dimly lit street, my high heels clicking on the cement, stopping to light a cigarette. Then, from out of nowhere, an arm in a tan trench coat appears with a lit match, ready to do the honors.

My thinly penciled eyebrows arch slightly as I look at him, taking in his large, masculine form and the mysterious eyes partially shaded by the brim of his fedora. "I've been looking for you, doll," the Robert Mitchum look-alike grunts as he firmly grasps me by the elbow and guides me to a waiting taxi.

I follow without saying a word, not frightened so much as curious about this attractive stranger who appears to know me. He gives an address to the cabbie, and we're off, the gray, bleak buildings flying by as we race along the city streets. When we reach our destination—a brownstone that is functioning as a rooming house—he leads me up three flights of stairs to a room that is sparsely furnished with a single bed, a chair, and a solitary lightbulb hanging from the ceiling. I sit on the edge of the bed, still unsure of what is happening, as my captor pulls the chair over and sits facing me. He runs his hand up my silk-covered leg, and I draw away slightly, reaching for my purse.

He grabs it before I do, pulling out the small pearl-handled gun I always carry with me. "That's not going to help you this time," he says, emptying it of its bullets and tossing it on the desk. "I know all about you, the way you use men in all your little devious schemes, then thrown them out like yesterday's newspaper. Well, this time it isn't going to be so easy." He gets up and throws his coat on the bed, then grabs my hands.

He pulls me toward him in a tight embrace, his hardness pressing against my thigh as our lips meet for the first time. Like everything he does, his kiss is hard and rough, just the way I like it. As the stubble from his five-o'clock shadow scrapes along my jaw, I quickly give in, submitting to his embrace. He reaches up and undoes the pearl buttons of my blouse, exposing my large breasts to his coarse hands. I am dressed only in my tight, straight skirt, and my exposed nipples harden in the cool air. I gasp slightly as he makes his way to those sensitive spots, but he is surprisingly tender, his gruff actions belying his delicate touch.

I, too, have a secret. I look him squarely in the eyes, the tough expression on my face not betraying the moistness I feel dampening my panties. Trying not to let him know that I am melting under his fingertips, I attempt to take control of the situation, sliding his suspenders over his muscular shoulders and reaching down for the button fastening his pants. He doesn't stop me, and soon his trousers are around his ankles, his impressive cock protruding from his undershorts.

His hands slide from my breasts to my shoulders, and he guides me downward to my knees. Aroused as much by his massive member as his kisses, I crouch eagerly at his feet and take him into my mouth. At first I wrap my lips around only the tip of his cock, teasing him, letting him know that he can't conquer me completely. I grasp his balls in my hand, squeezing them and raking them slightly with my crimson talons. He starts to moan as I slowly swallow his long shaft, feeling the veins that protrude through the skin as they run along my tongue. I suck hungrily, still fondling his balls as I squeeze his ass with my other hand and he starts to writhe. Moving his hips slightly, he begins fucking my mouth, and the tingling between my legs starts to tell me that it is my other lips I want wrapped around his thrusting cock.

Seconds from his imminent orgasm, I pull away from him. Standing up, I draw him toward me for a kiss, and as our tongues intertwine he steers me onto the bed, breaking our embrace momentarily to rid himself of the rest of his clothes. When he is completely naked, he pushes up my skirt and yanks down my panties, my wet pussy glistening faintly in the light streaming through the venetian blinds.

I arch my hips, longing to feel his thick cock filling my tight passage, but he teases me instead, running his fingers over my damp mound and playing them over my thighs. Losing patience as he kneels before me, I begin to touch myself, eager for that sweet release. He grabs hold of my wrist and pulls that hand away as he reaches for the other, pinning them both over my head with his much larger, stronger hands. When he is sure that I will no longer resist, he lets go and runs his hands down my body, stopping at my hips to press them firmly to the bed.

Pinned in this position, I draw my legs up and spread them wide, knowing I won't have to wait much longer. He leans over and, at the first touch of his tongue on my cunt, I begin to shiver, trying desperately to hold back the orgasm that is threatening to overtake my body. Sensing this, he slows down his actions, lapping at my pussy with the flat of his tongue with long, slow strokes that are almost painful to endure but pleasurable just the same. My breath is coming quickly now, my body beginning to buck under his powerful grip. I am desperate to climax, practically willing to beg him to make me come, when he drives his fingers into my wet hole. Instantly I cry out, overcome by waves of pleasure, and it is only his grasp that keeps me solidly on the bed.

Struggling to catch my breath, I slowly regain control of my senses. Running one finger lazily around my nipple, he lies on his side next to me, propping his head up with his free hand. I can feel his hard cock prodding me as he shifts his body into a more comfortable position. It is as though he is reminding me of his presence, and I am quick to take the hint.

I reach down to grasp his cock, running my fist from its swollen head all the way down to the root nestled in its nest of wiry black hair. Slowly, I begin to pump his sturdy shaft, feeling his soft skin move up and down as a result of my ministrations. I reach down between my legs, dipping my fingers into my damp pussy for some moisture to use as a lubricant. As I move my fist over his now-slick cock, he really begins to grind, fucking my hand as though it were my tight cunt. Before he can come, I yank slightly on his thrusting member, urging him to move between my open legs.

He complies immediately, kneeling between my thighs as he lifts my legs to rest on his broad shoulders. With amazing control, he prods my clit with the tip of his cock, causing me to twist beneath him. As I shudder and shake, he inserts only the bulb-shaped head of his cock inside me. I thrust up my hips to meet him as he slowly slides his entire length into my hungry pussy, drawing out the pleasure as I am filled with each delightful inch. Soon he is completely inside me, my pussy snug around his large cock as he slowly pulls back out until once again only the head is inside my hole. We continue like this for a few moments, enjoying each frustratingly slow stroke, trying to see how long we can make this moment last.

It doesn't last much longer, as he increases his tempo and speed and is soon thrusting in and out with a fervor that surprises me. Our bodies meet again and again as he drives his cock into me, his balls slapping against my ass. My fingers play at my nipples, pinching and fondling them as my pussy clenches around his pounding organ. I scream as I am once again overcome by an orgasm, the intensity of my reaction sending him over the edge and triggering his climax. Exploding inside me, he fills me with jets of hot come that I feel trickling down my thighs when he pulls out of me at last.

We lay panting in each other's arms, sharing soft kisses that seem unusual between two strangers, my eyes closed so I can imagine that I am anyplace other than this seedy hotel room. It occurs to me that I don't know his name or how he knows me, and I am about to ask when I am silenced by his firm grip on my upper arm. I open my eyes to meet his, and I am surprised by the energetic smile of a friendly tour guide.

"Excuse me, ma'am," he is saying as I look about, and I realize I am in a tram at a Hollywood movie studio. "The tour's over. You must be really jet-lagged to have fallen asleep on the tram! You missed a really great ride."

I smile to myself, knowing that I just had the ride of my life.

—Ms. L.T., Henniker, New Hampshire    

Rush-Hour Delays Prove Delightful for Horny Commuter

My alarm clock hadn't gone off when it was supposed to, so I was running late for work. I rushed to the subway, and after pushing through the turnstile, I realized that my train was at the station. I ran onto it as the doors were closing, but then it just stood there.

As the conductor announced that the train was being held in the station and would be leaving momentarily, I placed my briefcase on the floor. I looked down and noticed a pair of red high heels, and then my eyes slowly traced a pair of shapely legs upward until they met the woman's gaze. She was beautiful, with big blue eyes, full lips, and a long mane of dark brown hair. She smiled at me before turning away, and I checked out her body as I inhaled her perfume. She wore a sexy short red dress that barely covered her ass and showed quite a bit of cleavage.

The train continued to stand there, and the conductor's voice came over the loudspeaker once again, announcing that it would be another ten minutes or so. I began to get worried that I would be late for work, so to calm myself, I closed my eyes and let my mind begin to wander. I imagined that the train was moving, rocking from side to side, my body swaying with its rhythm. It was so crowded that I was pressed up against the woman in the red dress, my cock bumping against her sexy ass. I knew she could feel my hard-on, but she didn't say anything, so I don't think she minded. In fact, I think she liked it, because instead of moving away, she leaned in to me, rubbing her firm buttocks against my crotch. I was soon getting so horny that each time the train shook us, I pressed harder against her ass. My cock swelled even more and pulsated with the beat of my heart. I wanted to fuck her right then and there, on the crowded subway train.

Suddenly, the lights went out in our car, and a second later I felt fingers on my hard cock. When the lights came back on, the hand disappeared. I looked at the woman, but she kept her eyes on an ad, though I thought I saw a small smile playing on her lips. Then the light went out again, and this time I was ready. When the hand began stroking my cock, I took hold of it so that she couldn't pull it away again. The lights came back on and I smiled at her, and she smiled back as she caressed me with her fingertips.

I could tell that she was as turned-on as I was, so I squeezed her hand around my shaft, encouraging her to continue rubbing it. Instead, she pulled down my zipper and took my cock out. Moaning, she turned slightly and whispered in my ear, "I dare you to fuck me right here."

Reaching down with her other hand, she pulled her dress higher in invitation. Excited by the prospect of fucking a beautiful stranger on a crowded subway train, I pulled her panties down just enough to rub my finger over her clitoris and insert my cock in her pussy. I rubbed the head between her labia, and her cunt seemed to suck me right in. As she lifted her leg a bit, I looked around to see if anyone had noticed what was going on between us. Everyone seemed wrapped up in their newspapers or conversations, so I thrust my dick deep inside her pussy and began pumping it in and out. The woman moaned and groaned, and then started breathing more heavily.

The train, on the express line, sped through each station, rumbling down the tracks as I moved my hips to slide my dick in and out of her pussy. I fucked her hard, smacking my body against her ass. We tried not to attract any attention from the other passengers, but deep inside I knew that someone had to be watching us. The thrill of knowing that we might get caught excited me even more, and I fucked her harder, my thrusts into her cunt in perfect time with the rocking motion of the train.

The woman in the red dress started moaning even louder and moving uncontrollably against me. The aroma of sex was in the air of the crowded car as we fucked, and I sensed that someone was looking at us from a few feet away. I didn't care, though, and kept going, figuring that someone would have to notice a couple fucking on the train, especially during rush hour. Then the woman turned her head and we started to kiss, our tongues tangling together as I kept pumping my cock into her hot, tight pussy. She lifted her leg a little higher and my cock slid deeper into her. We began fucking faster and faster, racing to reach our orgasms before the train pulled into its first stop.

Now we didn't care who saw us—we were two wild and crazy horny people fucking each other on the express train. That was when I turned the woman around so that her back was against the door that led to the next car. I reached behind her to open it, and we made our way to the platform that connected the two train cars. I never removed my cock from her cunt as we moved, and then I closed the door behind us. More people were looking at us now, but we ignored them and continued fucking our asses off. The thrill of it all excited me beyond belief, and I could tell that she felt the same way.

I pulled out of her and turned her around to fuck her doggie-style, my cock swelling in her cunt as I held her by the hips, my thumbs pressed into her fleshy ass cheeks. She trembled as I jammed into her, and I knew she was enjoying it as much as I was because she began to whimper excitedly. I continued shoving my cock in and out of her pussy, and she reached between her legs to squeeze my balls in her hand. Meanwhile, her cunt sucked my cock in deeper and deeper with each and every one of my thrusts.

The woman quivered slightly, and then her body started shivering uncontrollably as each stroke of my cock sent her arousal higher and higher. Her pussy dripped with pleasure, and I felt her muscles hugging my shaft. She started yelling, "I'm coming! Fuck me—fuck me hard!" We knew that no one could hear us over the thundering noise of the train now that we were outside. I pounded into her even harder, and she yelled again as I groaned loudly, both of us reaching climax at the same time as the train entered the station. I filled her with my come, and then I pulled my cock from her clasping cunt and put it back in my pants. She pulled up her panties and fixed her hair, then turned to give me a long, hard kiss. We said good-bye and then exited through different doors into different cars of the train. I knew that I would probably never see her again.

Suddenly, I realized that I was still on the train, which was still waiting in the station, motionless. The woman in the red dress had moved when someone had offered her a seat, and I was now standing behind a handsome guy wearing a gray flannel business suit. Damn, I thought to myself as I realized that not only had I imagined the whole experience, but it looked like I was going to be late for work, after all. Some mornings it just doesn't pay to get out of bed!

—Mr. G.D., Via Email   

G.I. Stationed in Germany Says "Yes, Ma'am!" to Sexy Sergeant

I am a soldier stationed in Germany, where I am assigned to a tank unit. My battalion spends a great deal of time in a training area, where we practice our skills at tank gunnery. It's hard work, and I usually go to bed exhausted and don't get to spend a lot of time—if any—with members of the opposite sex. Luckily, I've got my fantasies to keep me going.

In this one fantasy, it was a hot day in mid-August. We had been on the range all day doing battle runs, firing until almost nine o'clock at night. I was the last to run the range, and after that, it would be time to head back to dinner and my bed. Of course, that's when I broke an oil cooler line to my engine.

Since we were only one vehicle down, our commander decided to send the rest of the company back to the motor pool. Our maintenance section didn't have the replacement part on hand, so Larry—a new-recruit mechanic in battalion maintenance—and I stayed with the tank while the rest of our crew left with the company to return to the motor pool. As soon as they got there, they would send back the part that we needed.

Larry and I sat on the front slope of the tank and watched the company disappear down the trail. As the last tank passed out of sight, we leaned back to enjoy the warm evening. It wasn't long before we drifted off to sleep.

When I awoke, it was about midnight, and the lights of a Jeep could be seen coming up the trail in the distance. It slowed down as it reached the entrance to the range, and I realized that it was someone returning with the repair part that we needed. I also realized then that Larry and I hadn't started to remove the old line yet. I knew that whoever was in the Jeep would be pretty pissed off, so I prepared myself for one hell of an ass-chewing.

What I wasn't prepared for was the staff sergeant who got out of the Jeep. She stood about five-feet-six-inches tall and had blue eyes and blonde hair tucked up under her cap. I later discovered that her hair flowed all the way down to the middle of her back. Larry and I instantly sprang to attention—and so did my cock.

It was an unusually hot day for Germany, and the night had come without relief. I think that the heat and the fact that she'd had to drive out to the range at such a late hour really set the sergeant off. She began yelling at us for not removing the old line before she got there. I should have felt embarrassed or ashamed, but she was so gorgeous that it really aroused me to have this sexy staff sergeant yell at me like that.

Larry proceeded to immediately get to work removing the old line, but I couldn't move. I was frozen by the fact that I had a tremendous hard-on. Then I realized that the sergeant had also noticed the bulge in the front of my fatigues. She called me to attention and told me that I had a problem with my gig line and that I should correct it immediately. For all you civilians out there, a gig line is the line from the bottom of your shirt down to the fly of your pants, and it always needs to be straight, especially in the company of a ranking officer. I didn't know what to do next, but I knew I had to do something.

I tried to think somber thoughts, but I was still unable to disguise my bulge after several seconds of attempting. She said, "If you can't wear the uniform properly, then maybe I need to show you how." I looked down at my gig line again and then back at her. There was a kind of sparkle in her eyes and an appealing smile across her face that raised the erection in my fatigues another ten degrees. I replied, "Yes, ma'am!" and she told me to call her Maureen.

Maureen ran her tongue across her lips and motioned for me to follow her to a grassy meadow a short distance from the tank. We had been in the field now for twenty-eight days, and the thought of pussy was running wild in my mind. When we reached the meadow she stopped and removed her cap, allowing her lovely blonde hair to fall free across her back. At that instant, I knew my uniform class had been completely forgotten.

I almost came in my fatigues as she knelt in front of me and released my hard cock from its confinement. Her touch was soft, but her lips attacked my shaft in a manner that suggested she wouldn't be retreating anytime soon. My balls were aching, and the sensation of her mouth as it engulfed my swollen member instantly had me on the verge of an orgasm.

Maureen bobbed her head over the length of my dick, squeezing her lips tight around my shaft. Sometimes I felt her teeth scrape along my skin, and the entire time I felt her soft, plush tongue moving over my erection. After so many months with only the company of my hand, this felt amazing. I couldn't hold back any longer, and my cock exploded, shooting out round after round of hot semen into her waiting throat. Maureen tried to swallow it all, but I guess it came too fast for her. Some of my come oozed out of the corners of her mouth, dripping my liquid onto her fatigues.

I pulled Maureen to her feet and began to remove her uniform. I released her beautiful breasts from her bra, which strained to contain them. Her tits were soft but firm, and her nipples stood erect. I took her in my arms and laid her down in the soft grass. I began to caress one breast, then the other. We kissed each other passionately, and then I began kissing my way down the rest of her body. I stopped at her breasts and sucked each nipple, then carried on over her stomach. Finally, I came to rest at her down-covered pussy.

The sweat of my body and the aroma of her sex brought my cock back to life. Maureen begged me to bury my rigid dick in her hungry cunt. I was ready and willing to do just that, but first I wanted to taste her pussy. I began lapping at it, licking and sucking up all her sweet juices. Maureen moaned and once again began begging for my cock. "Fuck me! Oh, fuck me! Oh God, yes!" she cried as her body trembled. My cock throbbed in response. Now it was time to fuck her.

I mounted Maureen and quickly impaled her with my swollen member. I started with long, slow strokes in and out of her tight pussy, and the slow-motion fuck drove her to the brink of insanity. I quickened my pace and began hammering into her slippery hole. She threw her legs up in the air and kept screaming out for more. She was so loud that I was afraid the new recruit would hear her, but luckily he was too far away.

Maureen's hands clawed at my back as I pistoned into her cunt. My balls were slapping against her firm ass, and then I felt them tighten. Her pussy began to pulsate around my cock as she raced closer and closer to orgasm. I was almost ready to come, but I needed something else to push me over the edge. I lowered my head and took one of her nipples between my teeth and bit it hard. She cried out in pleasure, and her cunt clamped around me as together we experienced the orgasm of a lifetime.

We lay in each other's arms for a moment, until we both realized at once that we had to get back to the tank. I looked at my watch and it was two a.m. We quickly got dressed, and when I was finished, I looked at Maureen and said, "Is my gig line straight?" She just smiled, and we hurried off to the tank.

Larry had finally finished working on the oil line as we rounded the end of the tank. Seeing Maureen, he immediately sprang to attention. Maureen barked at him to crank up the tank, and he ran to the driver's compartment. He had been working all that time and never even realized that I'd gotten more than an ass-chewing from the beautiful sergeant.

As Maureen turned to go to her Jeep, she smiled broadly and said, "I guess it's true—tankers do have bigger guns!"

—Name and address withheld   

Girl in Yoga Class Meditates on Blissful Encounter with Hot New Instructor

As a hardworking, fun-loving girl in my late twenties, I like to keep myself in optimum shape. This means a healthy diet, plenty of exercise, and lots of sex with Chris—my steady boyfriend—and Janet—my steady girlfriend. Yes, I'm bi, enjoying the best of both worlds. I recently added yoga classes to my regimen, since yoga's not only a great way to keep the body strong and limber, but the mind as well. I particularly enjoy the meditation portion of the class because there I can release all my tension, clear my head, and center my soul.

I've been at it for a few weeks now, and the classes have been great, but the class I had yesterday was so erotically charged I had to share with you the wild fantasy that it inspired.

I arrived to discover that our regular instructor was on vacation and that a woman named Dani would be filling in for two weeks. Drop-dead gorgeous, she was sitting on the floor with her feet together, bent completely over at the waist with her forehead resting on the floor. When she lifted her head, I saw mesmerizing gray eyes, full lips, and coffee-brown hair framing a heart-shaped face. Immediately my pussy ached with desire.

I spread my mat close to hers so I could have a good view of her technique. The class began with some New Age music and a chant to the universe. She told us to start thinking about prana, the term for breath, and see if we could tune out everything else. I wondered how I was going to manage to pay attention to my breathing when her slender curves were taking my breath away!


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