Politics And Society In Ukraine


By Paul D’anieri

By Robert S. Kravchuk

By Taras Kuzio

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With the expansion of NATO, Ukraine is frequently described as the “linchpin” of security in Central Europe. And after Russia, it is the largest and most important of the post-Soviet states. Yet it is a country about which most westerners know very little, subsumed as it was for decades beneath the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union. Ukrainian Politics and Society is the first comprehensive study of politics in post-Soviet Ukraine, and is therefore vital reading for anyone concerned with European security, or with politics in the former Soviet Union.The authors' extensive experience in Ukraine allows them to explain the paradoxes of Ukrainian politics that have led to so many false predictions concerning the future of the Ukrainian state. Their examination of nationality politics shows why ethnic and regional differences have tended to recede rather than to spin out of control, as they have elsewhere in the region. At the same time, these differences hamstring the country's political system, and the authors show how difficult a task it is for democratic institutions to provide effective government in a country with little consensus. By viewing economic reform in its profoundly political context, the authors expose the chasm between the theory and practice of economic reform. Understanding of how to make profits has not been lacking, but government regulation to ensure that profit-seeking behavior leads to functioning markets has been conspicuously absent.By examining in detail how Ukrainian politics has followed theoretical expectations and where it has contradicted them, the authors arrive at conclusions with implications well beyond Ukraine. Ukraine must first build a state and a nation before it can successfully reform its economy or build a genuine democracy. For Ukraine and its people, the task is daunting. For the west, whose security increasingly relies on stability in Ukraine, this book provides the knowledge necessary to approach the problem, as well as good reason not to ignore it.


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Paul D’anieri

About the Author

is the author of Economic Interdependence in Ukrainian-Russian Relations (1999) and numerous articles on politics in the post-Soviet region. He held a Fulbright grant in Ukraine in 1993-1994. He is also the coeditor of State and Institution Building in Ukraine(1999). Robert Kravchuk is associate professor in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at University of Indiana. He was the U.S. Treasury Department resident budget advisor to the Minister of Finance of Ukraine from 1993 to 1994, and has taught at the Ukrainian Academy of Public Administration in Kyiv. He has also been financial advisor to the President of the Federation of Bosnia-Hercegovina. He is the co-editor of State and Institution Building in Ukraine(1999). Taras Kuzio is a Post Doctoral Fellow, Chair of Ukrainian Studies, University of Ottawa. He has previously served as a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham and on the Council of Advisors for the Ukranian Parliament. His previous books include Ukrainian Security Policy (1995), Ukraine under Kuchma (1997), Contemporary Ukraine(1998), Ukraine: State and nation Building (1998), Ukraine: Perestroika to Independence (1994 and 2000), and co-editor of State and Institution Building in Ukraine(1999).

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