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Aunt Sass

Christmas Stories

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Oct 20, 2015




A collection of charming holiday tales, by the author of Mary Poppins – a timeless gift for all ages. Each of the stories in this book was written by P.L. Travers as a holiday gift, sent to her friends and family and never published. Now millions of readers and generations of film-goers will get a peek behind the curtain and see how she used her life story to inform her fiction. Whether it is Aunt Sass herself – who is partly her inspiration for Mary Poppins – or the crass ex-jockey whose life work is not at all what it appears, the characters are unforgettable. P.L. Travers wrote with a signature blend of sugar and spice; her characters, including Mary Poppins, are endearing, outsized, and cozy. The Aunt Sass Christmas Stories will delight any child – naughty or nice.

What's Inside

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"Beautiful and charming."—The Independent (UK)
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