Dumping Billy

Dumping Billy

The bestselling author of The First Wives Club returns with another delightful modern-day battle of the sexes–dished up with scathing wit, hilarity, and plenty of attitude. There’s an old saying that life is what happens while you are busy making other plans. That’s certainly true for 28-year-old Kate Jameson who’s worked hard to cross the bridge from Brooklyn to Manhattan and now works just as hard to keep her sophisticated new friends away from her old neighborhood “posse, ” the so-called Bitches of Bushwick. With her cute apartment in Chelsea, her cold but erudite professor boyfriend and her satisfying career as a school psychologist, Kate has put the heartbreak of past lousy boyfriends behind her and tries to stay aloof from the marriage mania that has infected her old gang from Brooklyn. With the imminent engagement of her best friend Bina, it seems that Kate will be the only single girl left in the “posse.” But when Bina’s intended gets the coldest of feet at the last minute, every part of Kate’s orderly life is thrown into disarray. Before she knows what has hit her, her debonair Manhattan friends have colluded with the “Bitches” and devised a plan guaranteed to get Bina married and drive Kate crazy. The key to the scheme is “Dumping Billy.” Too good looking for his own good, Billy dates legions of girls, dumps them–and every single one of them gets married to the next guy she dates. The trick is to get Billy to date Bina, dump Bina, and get Bina married off. But, in Olivia Goldsmith’s fiction, as in life, nothing goes according to plan.
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Genre: Fiction / Fiction

On Sale: November 9th 2005

Price: $21.99

Page Count: 336

ISBN-13: 9780446695053

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