Humans of Judaism

Everyone Has a Story. What’s Yours?


By Nikki Schreiber

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An inspirational, visual collection of Jewish stories, curated by the editor and founder of the popular social media brand @humansofjudaism.

When her father passed away in 2013, Nikki Schreiber found comfort in her mourning by creating a social media space for sharing positive and uplifting Jewish stories. Thus was born @humansofjudaism, the hugely popular site with over 500,000 followers across all platforms. It is a space for sharing everything—personal stories, Jewish history, Holocaust education, support for Israel, and so much more. 

Humans of Judaism the book is a highly-visual, inspirational volume of 300 short Jewish stories—a mix of the most popular stories on @HumansofJudaism, as well as new content created just for the book. We meet the founder of Barbie, the founder of Zabar's, actress and model Gal Gadot, and so many others.

Humans of Judaism is a celebration of Jewish life and community and a keepsake that Jews all around the world will want to own or gift to one another.

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Oct 22, 2024
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256 pages

Author Photo Nikki Schreiber

Nikki Schreiber

About the Author

Nikki Schreiber created the Humans of Judaism Instagram account in 2014 as a way to honor her father’s memory, and as a space for sharing positive and uplifting Jewish stories. Today, Humans of Judaism has over 800,000 followers across all platforms. 

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