The World David Knew

Connecting the Vast Ancient World to Israel's Great King


Created by Museum of the Bible Books

Contributions by Randy Southern

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Immerse yourself in the captivating world of 1000 BC AS Everyone watches the small nation of Israel make it’s move after the death of it’s beloved King David.

Shepherd. Warrior. King. Psalmist. Father. Fugitive. Hero. Villain. No single word is sufficient to encompass Israel’s King David. The World David Knew offers a snapshot of life during this key period in the nation’s history.

The World David Knew provides you with vivid details of life in 1000 BC, including elements of numerous cultures around the world. Hold your breath as some of the biggest political power shifts in history are made. Celebrate along with the people of Israel as they go to weddings and holiday feasts. Understand how nations traded goods, services, and money. What will the future hold for the nation of Israel, and the greater world?


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