By Molly O’Neill

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From an outstanding new voice in cozy fantasy comes Greenteeth, "a joyful, warm-hearted" (H. G. Parry) tale of fae, folklore, and found family, narrated by a charismatic lake-dwelling monster with a voice unlike any other, perfect for fans of Travis Baldree and TJ Klune.

Beneath the still surface of a lake lurks a monster with needle sharp teeth. Hungry and ready to pounce.

Jenny Greenteeth has never spoken to a human before, but when a witch is thrown into her lake, something makes Jenny decide she's worth saving. Temperance doesn't know why her village has suddenly turned against her, only that it has something to do with the malevolent new pastor.

Though they have nothing in common, these two must band together on a magical quest to defeat the evil that threatens Jenny's lake and Temperance's family, as well as the very soul of Britain.

  • "Charming, magical and intensely human, with grace notes of Pratchett and T. H. White, Greenteeth is a masterclass in the art of storytelling."
    Tom Holt, author of The Portable Door
  • "A charmingly monstrous debut."
    T. Kingfisher, author of Nettle and Bone
  • "Greenteeth is a delight--a joyful, warm-hearted adventure, riddled with unique characters and poignant friendships, rooted deep in old magic and myth. Jenny's voice will live in your head long after you leave her story behind."
    H. G. Parry, author of The Magician’s Daughter
  • "Greenteeth is a completely delightful tale, full of warmth, wit and legendary adventure. As comforting and as moreish as a cup of tea and a packet of chocolate biscuits."
    Francesca May, author of Wild and Wicked Things
  • "Greenteeth is a breathtaking quest through the wild roads and deep lakes of ancient England, shot through with dark folklore and darker magic. An unforgettable tale of unlikely friendships, impossible choices and the unbreakable bonds between mothers and daughters."
    Holly Race, author of Six Wild Crowns
  • "In all my life, I've never loved such a flesh-eating fae monster as Molly O'Neill's Greenteeth. This coziest of swamp villains is an ally to witches, an enemy to elven airbags, and a role model to goblins everywhere. She stands proud with the likes of Granny Weatherwax and the Wizard Howl against the creeping evils of this world. Drown me, Jenny, and pick your teeth with my bones - only, let's be friends."
    C. S. E. Cooney, World Fantasy Award winning author of Saint Death's Daughter
  • "An enchanting folkloric fantasy infused with fae magic and Arthurian legend, Greenteeth gives us a morally grey heroine with bite you can't help but root for. I was hooked from start to finish."
    Alicia Jasinska, author of The Dark Tide

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Feb 25, 2025
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Molly O’Neill

About the Author

Molly O'Neill was born in the UK and moved to Australia in 2019. She works as a geologist, building roads and rail tracks, and she also runs Book Fair Australia, a literature festival in Sydney.

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